Drop your phone, ditch the tablet, and enjoy the peace of being tech-free in these out-of-the-way New Zealand destinations.

Off-The-Grid New Zealand Accommodations

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Peas in a Glass Pod
Drop your phone, ditch the tablet, and enjoy the peace of being tech-free in these out-of-the-way New Zealand destinations. At these spectacular off-the-grid locales, you can surround yourself with nature and the incredible embrace of silence.

Peas in a Glass Pod
The most comfortable way to be fully wrapped up in nature, a PurePod is pretty special – and this is a full-on opportunity to immerse yourself. The “pods” are made entirely from glass, and this includes floors and ceilings. While they don’t have television or Internet coverage, they do feature the most advanced environmentally friendly tech available for the generation of power and disposal of waste. PurePods are integrated into the breathtaking natural environments they inhabit (there are four locations around the Christchurch region) and feature views of the sea, mountains, rivers and the glorious southern night sky.


Wild at Heart

Hours from anywhere, Wilderness Lodge is situated on the banks of Lake Moeraki, in the heart of the South Island’s World Heritage-listed Te Wahipounamu area. It’s wilderness accommodation with all the comforts you require, including spa baths and private decks. You can walk on the beach, soak up the stillness of the lake, or enjoy guided tours of the ancient forests that surround the site. There’s also a restaurant on site with an outlook as good as the food. 

Sky’s the Limit

The pristine Mackenzie Country offers unimpeded views of the glorious southern night sky. SkyScape  at Omahau Hill Station offers visitors the opportunity to soak up the stars in a SkyBed – a recessed, ground-level bed underneath a roof of glass. Meanwhile, outside there’s a 2m-long bath crafted from steel and cedar and fed by a nearby freshwater spring. Enjoy the scrub- and tussock-strewn landscape by day, and when darkness falls, watch the universe unfold in all of its star-studded glory.

The Flying Fox


Flying High

The Flying Fox
With no road access (and accessible only by aerial cable car or river boat), The Flying Fox, near Whanganui, is ideal for unplugging. Located on the mighty Whanganui River, there is a range of accommodation options to suit all tastes. The Whanganui River is a mystical and magical place, rich in both Maori and European history, and it’s extremely meditative to watch the deep green waters flow by. There’s not much else to do here apart from walking through the bush and soaking up the scenery, but that’s the joy of the place.

Island Life

Mount St. Paul Estate
Great Barrier Island in the Hauraki Gulf is a hidden gem just 30 minutes by plane from Auckland. Mount St. Paul Estate is set on more than 40ha of pristine native bush and features a range of accommodation options and excellent food. The island has bush, beach, hot springs and mountains, and also offers great surf. All of the rooms on the estate have central heating, plus elevated views over the nearby sea.


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