How ridiculous is all this going to get?

Oh brother: Media now claiming Trump 'shoved' prime minister of Montenegro

By —— Bio and Archives--May 25, 2017

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You can watch it for yourself. It’s 10 seconds of nothingness that you’ll never get back, but at least it’s only 10 seconds. This, yes, this, is what is trending on Facebook at the moment. Trump shoves prime minister. Yeah. They’re really saying that.

About this:

I feel like an idiot even bothering with the details, but fine, I’ll play. First, look at the faces of both men. Do you see any aggression? Do you see any impatience? Do you see any tension whatsoever between them? Do you see anyone else who’s standing there bothered or taken aback by anything whatsoever?


Markovic responds by gently clutching Trump’s forearm


Next, look at their arms. Trump does touch Markovic on the shoulder, but there’s no aggression to the touch whatsoever, and Markovic responds by gently clutching Trump’s forearm. If this is anything at all it’s affection. For all we know they’d just been having a friendly conversation and they’re acknowledging each other as they move from room to room.

Look, I understand there’s a frenzy out there now to alert on anything and everything Trump does and to characterize it as insane, out-of-control, evil and whatever else. And it’s to the point where even something as benign as this will be characterized in that way. That’s not on Trump. It’s on a subset of this society that simply can’t deal with the fact that their candidate lost and the man they hate is president.

But if you see this and think you see a “shove,” I don’t know what to tell you. You’re an idiot.


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