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Oh by the way, Led Zeppelin might reunite this year

By —— Bio and Archives--May 5, 2017

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First we heard it from this guy last weekend:

I have some well placed sources in the industry telling me that Robert Plant has agreed to reunite Led Zeppelin for Desert Trip 2017.  Rumor has it they turned down a reported $14 million dollar pay day to play at last years festival and that this year there are “millions & millions” of more reasons why they should do it.

Jimmy Page has always been up for the reunion but Plant has always turned it down. Page saying,

“Robert would rather play Led Zeppelin with his own band, not with his old band members”

Sources tell me he has finally agreed to do it because of the impending 50 year anniversary of Led Zeppelin. A few days ago Plant’s official website http://www.robertplant.com changed to black with only this eerie message on the screen!!!

“Any time now…”

And yes, as “Raul” indicates above, Plant’s web site has gone completely dark with the exception of this cryptic tease:

Oh by the way, Led Zeppelin might reunite this year


I suppose that could mean just about anything, but Plant certainly understands that the world of Zeppelin fans want nothing more than for the band to play together again, and that anything he says that’s of a mysterious nature will be taken as a hint that maybe, just maybe . . .

So something is really in the works or Plant is being an incredible tease. Could he really be serious this time?

Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones have been up for more Zeppelin for years, and have openly expressed their frustration with Plant for his lack of interest in doing it. You probably remember that Zep played Celebration Day in London back in 2007 - a full-length show that earned rave reviews and prompted speculation that more might be in the offing. But it never materialized, and 10 years later Zeppelin fans are still waiting for some indication - however vague - that the band might yet have some sort of future.

I doubt they will ever get close enough to Detroit for me to see them, although I did see Plant’s band back in 1983. And it was a good show, but if Plant thinks for a second that people would come out to see his band play Zeppelin music as opposed to the real band, I think he’s delusional.

Continued below...

Of course, these guys are around 70 now, so one can only hope they can still play. They had no trouble in 2007, so unless arthritis or acid reflux have set in, I’d think we could still expect a pretty good show. Generally speaking, I’d say the worst Led Zeppelin performance is still better than the best performance by most other bands (excepting Genesis, of course).

I’ve often shared with people that when our little family of three settles in for a car ride of any length, there is always one band that 50-year-old dad (that would be yours truly), 45-year-old mom and 16-year-old son can agree on every time. Yep. Zep.

Here’s how they sounded the last time they performed:

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