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Oh dear: Now Omarosa wants to tell us about Trump’s ‘Coke habit’

By —— Bio and Archives--August 15, 2018

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Oh dear: Now Omarosa wants to tell us about Trump’s ‘Coke habit’
And I didn’t think I had a lot in common with Donald Trump.

Apparently he drinks the caffeinated version, which just goes to show no cokehead is perfect. The photo you see here is from my refrigerator in its normal condition – stocked to the gills with the most wonderful beverage on the face of the Earth, created by God for the enjoyment of people like me and the president.


And apparently for the purpose of horrifying one Omarosa Manigault-Newman, who has now crossed spectacularly from the sublime to the ridiculous:

In “Unhinged: An Insider Account of the Trump White House,” former reality-TV star-turned-White House staffer Omarosa Manigault Newman says the President’s mental and physical decline in the most powerful office in the world is because he likes the soda a little too much. The Daily News received an advance copy of the book due out Tuesday.

In fact, the President keeps a box on his desk with a button that he can push when he wants his favorite beverage.

“The world has yet to learn about the extent of Donald Trump’s Diet Coke habit,” Manigault Newman says in the book. “He always had one in his hand, as far back as I’ve known him. He’s up to eight cans a day, at least. Eight cans a day, for the last 15 years, is 43,800 cans of Diet Coke, poured into his system. In the White House , he just pushes a button in a wooden box on his desk. He can summon anything with that button. Whenever I went in to brief him, he’d push the button and get us Diet Cokes.”

What a monster! No wonder there’s unrest in the streets.

Eight is considerably more than I ingest in a day, but you won’t see me going a day without at least one. The stuff is simply too good, and the colder the better. I drink it from a can with dinner but if I’m out and about riding my bike, I’ll usually look for a bottle. I know all the stores in Royal Oak that reliably keep it in stock – and remember, I go for the caffeine-free version, which is harder to find but well worth the effort.

Maybe the president would get more sleep if he switched. Then again, maybe he doesn’t want to.

It seems as though Omarosa is desperately trying to extend her 15 minutes of fame. No one believes her “n-word” story and she’s in trouble for secret recordings and NDA violations, so she needs to find something to talk about that a) anyone will believe; and b) won’t get her in even more legal trouble.

Problem: Trump’s love of Diet Coke is no secret, and despite the nonsense you see on the Internet, it’s nothing anyone should be concerned about. In fact, I used to think my own excellent health combined with my frequent consumption of it was the best evidence yet for the fact that its health hazards are nonexistent.

But I think the president’s got me beat. If he’s really sucked down 43,800 cans, and he’s this healthy at 71, I need to drink more of it.

Which, by the way, will be a pleasure.


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