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Ohio Supreme Court Justice and Dem Gov. candidate details sex with ‘50 very attractive females’ - sp

By —— Bio and Archives--November 17, 2017

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Ohio Supreme Court Justice and Dem Gov. candidate, BILL O'NEILL
I thought the strangest thing I’d see today was Valerie Jarrett throwing Al Franken under the bus.

I was wrong.

That wasn’t even close to the weirdest bit of today’s online political theater.  Turns out Valerie Jarrett - and it pains me to say this - is just right. If you want a genuine oddity, you must cast your gaze upon Bill O’Neill.  He’s a Justice on the Ohio Supreme Court and a Democrat who intends to run for Ohio Governor. He’s in favor of legalizing marijuana, taxpayer-funded solar power, and high speed rail projects.

He also says he’s had sex with “approximately 50 very attractive women.”

These include “gorgeous” blondes and redheads, at least one of which worked for a famous politician. He bragged about his exploits on Facebook, where he apparently speaks “on behalf all heterosexual males.”

It was a very odd way of responding to the Al Franken accusations ...which have absolutely nothing to do with him.

Justice O'Neill

Ohio state SCOTUS Justice and Dem gubernatorial candidate details sex with ‘50 very attractive females’ - speaks ‘for all men’

Of course, we assume that all 50 of these women were of legal age and were awake and consenting when they enjoyed their blisteringly hot nights of erotic passion courtesy of Mr. Bill O’Neill. If everyone involved was there of their own volition, more power to them. That alone would be enough to make this different from the Moore or Franken cases. 

We just wonder if this was the best way for a Supreme Court Justice to address the issue. We also wonder why he addressed the issue at all, particularly when it (once again) had absolutely nothing to do with him.  Is this the kind of judgment Ohio is looking for in Governors and Supreme Court judges?

UPDATE: Justice O’Neill stands firm in full support of his initial post, saying “I did post it and I stand by it.”


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