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Omarosa, whoever that is, freaked out because Mike Pence hears from Jesus

By —— Bio and Archives--February 13, 2018

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Omarosa, whoever that is, freaked out because Mike Pence hears from Jesus
I hardly know who Omarosa Manigault-Newman is, and it doesn’t seem worth much effort to find out. I guess she worked in the Trump White House for awhile, left in a huff and is now running around trashing the administration. She’s hardly the first disgruntled employee of a White House to do that.

But this being 2018, we now get our news about the presidency by scenes like what you’re about to see, which I’m loathe to even attempt to characterize. Apparently there’s a show called Celebrity Big Brother, and this is what it’s like? And there are enough people who watch this that it remains commercially viable on a major broadcast network.

I’m not sure how you find Mike Pence scary after sitting and pondering that fact. But that’s our culture, so here we are:

Who is this woman again? And why does anyone care what she says?

Now like I said, I have scarcely any idea who this woman even is or where she came from. If her claim to fame is from the reality TV world, then that would explain it.

But let me address her contention that she’s a Christian but she finds Mike Pence scary. A lot of people think that when someone claims to be a Christian you should always take them at their word. I don’t. I look at their fruit.

If she’s a Christian, she shouldn’t be preening for the godless culture on a show like this.

If she’s a Christian, she should understand that the Holy Spirit does indeed communicate with God’s people, giving us guidance, direction, rebuke and instruction. If she thinks it’s scary that Mike Pence hears from the Lord, then she needs to go back and read John 14.

If she’s a Christian, she should know better than to run down other Christians in order to gain approval from people like the ones she’s sitting with in this video.

If she’s a Christian, she should admire people who actually listen to Jesus, rather than mocking them in a public setting for doing so.

By the way, she has a history of complaining about what it’s like to work in the White House. Many people forget that when she was in her early 20s, she was on Al Gore’s staff. She complained at the time that she wasn’t given enough training and was just thrown into the fire.

I’ve never worked in any presidential administration so I don’t know what did or didn’t happen in either situation, but I do know that certain people tend to be the same ones who are always complaining, and always claiming that everyone else has done them wrong.

And they’re usually the same people who get catty and talk out of school about others in order to win the praise of those who can’t get enough of such behavior.

Who is this woman again? And why does anyone care what she says?


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