All three candidates promise in writing to eliminate cap-and-trade and oppose a federal carbon tax

Ontario PC leadership candidates sign CTF ‘No Carbon Tax’ pledge

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Ontario PC leadership candidates sign CTF ‘No Carbon Tax’ pledge
OTTAWA, ON: The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) held a press conference in Ottawa today with two Ontario PC leadership candidates; Doug Ford and Christine Elliott, and met with Caroline Mulroney on February 9.

All three candidates signed a “No Carbon Tax Pledge,” promising to repeal the Wynne cap-and-trade carbon tax, to oppose a federal carbon tax, and not to impose a provincial carbon tax if elected premier.


Ms. Mulroney, Mr. Ford, and Ms. Elliott all signed the following pledge:

I Promise if I am elected Premier, that I will:

  1. Repeal the Wynne cap-and-trade carbon tax;
  2. Not enact an Ontario carbon tax; and,
  3. Oppose a federal carbon tax.

“Ontario needs a premier who will repeal the damaging cap-and-trade carbon tax, and who will stand up to Justin Trudeau and fight against a federal carbon tax,” said CTF Ontario Director, Christine Van Geyn. “We are pleased to see that all three candidates have committed in writing to fight these devastating taxes, and the ‘No Carbon Tax’ pledge is an important accountability tool. If one of these candidates becomes premier, we look forward to putting up a billboard reading ‘promise kept’ in a few years, but we’ll be ready with one that reads ‘promise broken’ if necessary.”

The CTF has used pledge-signing opportunities in the past to pressure politicians to take clear public stands on issues of importance. Most recently, the CTF signed “No Carbon Tax” and “Balance the Budget” pledges with Alberta UCP and Saskatchewan Party leadership candidates. 

Media note: Due to a scheduling conflict Caroline Mulroney was unable to be at the pledge signing event. However, she met with the CTF on Friday, February 9th and signed the pledge.


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