George W. Bush

Our Last “Christian” President?

By —— Bio and Archives--February 26, 2010

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imageFor all his faults and not-so-true conservative bones, George W. Bush was indeed a man of some character and one who displayed the fruit of the Spirit. While one of our most humble leaders—he was not by any means perceived as weak by our enemies or disloyal by our allies.

He actually read the Bible, attended church, and knew (on the question of the sanctity of life) that life began at conception and abortion was murder. He prayed, attended church, and sought advice from other believers.

You could argue about some of his “liberal” decisions or his strategy in Iraq which produced far reaching results for an oppressed people.


His graciousness during the transition to the Obama administration was one of eagerness to help even to the point of serving the incoming president. He was for many Christians a good example of real “fruit” produced by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit: love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness and temperance.

Now before I am swamped by those who think I am trying to canonize Mr. Bush, let me say that I am simply pointing out many of the qualities I perceived of him during his eight years in the White House. 

As far as I can remember, Mr. Bush never perceived the United States as not being a Christian nation. He didn’t view the Constitution as something archaic and to be shredded. He was an interesting leader in that he suffered the heap of criticism from the MSM—that relentless, overbearing, at times criminal display of contempt and hatred—with incredible grace and longsuffering. He wasn’t a great orator and often he ‘invented’ words that became known as ‘Bushisms’.  But he never complained (at least publicly) about the harsh treatment, and never boasted of the fact that he had “won” the presidency. And I don’t recall him using a teleprompter when he visited any classroom in America!
He is an imperfect man who displayed Christian fruit while holding the world’s most demanding job. Say what you want about George W. Bush, but I have no doubt he is indeed a true Christian. Was he our last Christian president?

I only ask this in light of today’s definition of what a Christian really is based on research from George Barna and the Pew Research surveys. Christians used to have a biblical worldview—but now a great number of those who identify themselves as ‘Christian’ have ambivalence about abortion, same sex marriage, sexual promiscuity, and sound doctrine. We live in a post-modern, post-Christian world in which the worldview is shaped more by the many colors of our culture than the black and white of God’s word.

Whoever leads this nation and professes their Christianity while not challenging those laws and morays which are an anathema to God cannot be truly born again. It’s easy, though, in America today, to have it both ways. You can sew the label of Christ on your garments but that doesn’t mean you are clothed in the grace of Jesus Christ and bearing the fruit of the Holy Spirit.


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Dave Macy (aka: Dave Deppisch) spent 30 years as a conservative talk host on a variety of stations in markets like Atlanta, Nashville, Toledo, and Ft. Wayne. He was drawn out of his profession into the ministry and now serves as an associate pastor. He preaches several times a year and is also available to bring his unique style of common sense conservative talk along with his faith in Jesus Christ to any setting that is looking for a speaker with humor, common sense, and Christian values.

He is the author of DoubtFreeLiving.com,and has been privileged to speak at CBN and appear as a guest on World Harvest TV.

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