Palestinian Child Terrorists: Children Who Kill and Their Adult Enablers

By —— Bio and Archives--August 2, 2017

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The wave of Palestinian terrorism that began in September 2015 – a wave of stabbings and knifings emulated in European cities – has a particularly grotesque feature: child terrorists.

Palestinian children who directly perpetrate acts of terrorism, including murder, violate the most fundamental of human rights: the right to life. The Palestinian adults who encourage Palestinian child terrorism violate one of the most fundamental rights of the child: the right not to take part in armed conflict or hostilities.

…There have been at least 79 separate terrorist attacks by Palestinian children since September 13, 2015.

The preferred method of murder and attempted murder by Palestinian child terrorists are stabbings or knifings, the modus operandi in 66 of the 79 attacks.

The breakdown of the known ages of Palestinian child terrorists is as follows: age 8 – 2; age 12 – 4; age 13 – 7; age 14 – 10; age 15 – 13; age 16 – 22; age 17 – 36.

…Information on these incidents is readily accessible. The Palestinian UN ambassador has publicly supported child terrorism at the UN itself…Shockingly, however, the UN Secretary-General’s most recent annual report on Children and Armed Conflict, released in April 2017, contains the following statement specifically about Palestinian children: “Limited information is available about the recruitment or use of children.”

Since the Secretary-General’s claim is manifestly untrue, the United Nations is not merely engaged in a feeble cover-up. The fact is that the UN is now an active enabler of the violation of the rights of Israelis and Palestinians: the basic rights to life and security of the person of the Israeli victims of Palestinian children engaged in terrorism, and the rights of Palestinian children not to be recruited or engaged in terrorism in the first place.

Read the full report here.

See Adam Kredo’s Washington Free Beacon article on this report

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