The Democrats and the Deep State will continue practicing their “politics of personal destruction,” and will continue crushing people such as Michael Cohen, who apparently lost his mind while getting in over his head

Pants on Fire Michael Cohen Late to the Honesty Party

By —— Bio and Archives--March 13, 2019

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Pants on Fire Michael Cohen Late to the Honesty PartyThe Road to Damascus conversion of Michael Cohen, the now notorious, disgraced former attorney to President Trump, defies credulity, considering the world in which he lived for his entire professional life.

I’m not an attorney, nor even went to law school, but Michael Cohen’s professional resume presents evidence against him. Michael Cohen was not a simple country lawyer writing non-controversial wills and trusts, or doing rudimentary real estate closings. No, he was a known “fixer” for the Trump Organization and owned taxi cab medallions in New York City. Neither of these were environments for the faint of heart. Michael Cohen now apparently believes he can bring down the president, someone who he willingly served for many years. The most cynical of commentators believe that Michael Cohen is angling for a book or movie deal, to somehow redeem in his mind his sordid fall.


Michael Cohen has pleaded guilty to two charges that are tangential tax crimes, and only matters of interest if the government wants to come and get you. Michael Cohen also has plead to a third non-crime of making a payment to buy a woman’s silence, which having occurred during the 2016 presidential campaign, may or may not have violated federal election law, depending on whom one asks. This third charge and resultant plea was a mere civil matter, and maybe a minor process violation and only significant if the government wants to harass you which they did in Michael Cohen’s case, because he was President Trump’s attorney.

So, in Congress recently, before the Democrat Party-controlled House Witch Hunt Committee, admitted liar Michael Cohen called President Donald Trump a “con-man,” and not a world-renowned successful businessman, all of a sudden, the Fake News Media has a new description for the Trump Organization: “mob-like.” This is a wildly superfluous conclusion, and ridiculously unfair and irrelevant. Anybody who knows anything about construction and property management in New York can tell you that they are rough and tumble enterprises as is the city’s taxi and limousine medallion business. Michael Cohen was part of this world for decades, and now he is “shocked, shocked,” to quote the movie Casablanca, to learn that there was “gambling on the premises.”

More than two years into the Trump presidency, there still is no Russian collusion, and everything involving Michael Cohen happened before the 2016 election. But Michael Cohen is not simply some sad figure. He has allowed himself to become a pawn in the corrupt Robert Mueller investigation, the political apparatus representing the interests of the Deep State, aligned against President Trump’s Make America Great Again agenda.

Michael Cohen worked for the Trump Organization and private citizen Donald Trump on controversial matters, and his now mea culpa rings hollow. Michael Cohen was involved in making payments to porn stars for his boss which is not something one boasts about at his daughter’s bat mitzvah reception. However, this action was not against the law, and only became legally questionable when combined with opaque campaign finance laws. Michael Cohen felt the heat from Robert Mueller, which was red hot, and Michael Cohen cracked under the strain. It’s horrific that our government has this much power to ruin Michael Cohen’s life. This was the same sort of overreach in which Trump friend Roger Stone was arrested with more manpower than was used to assassinate Osama Bin Laden.

Michael Cohen would never have been pursued on these minor “crimes” had Hillary Clinton won the 2016 presidential election, which is the essence of this whole situation.

Michael Cohen now sees his best path ahead to say, “wait a minute, the president is a con-man, a racist, and a cheat.” So what? Michael Cohen is now an “admitted liar,” and people with that tag are not taken seriously in our society. Even more, Michael Cohen made the bizarre declaration (under oath?) that he is concerned that President Trump will not leave office if he loses his re-election bid in 2020. All of a sudden Michael Cohen sees himself as the Guardian of the Republic, despite apparently having no track record of such an interest in his life’s endeavors. Thus Michael Cohen’s assertion about President Trump is a desperate Hail Mary and defies credulity.

Michael Cohen is part Benedict Arnold, part Judas Iscariot. He is going to go to jail, of course, unless he is pardoned or receives clemency at some point. Donald Trump, on the other hand, will still be president. The Democrats and the Deep State will continue practicing their “politics of personal destruction,” and will continue crushing people such as Michael Cohen, who apparently lost his mind while getting in over his head.


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