Reinventing of God’s creations, whether it’s laboratory beef or a freakish feathered dinosaur, these strange concepts are symptoms of unchecked pride – that man can build a better mousetrap or, in this case extinct “terrible lizard,” than God.

Paradox of genetic engineering

By —— Bio and Archives--June 25, 2018

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Paradox of genetic engineering
After all the years of telling us that genetic engineering is unhealthy for people and upsets the natural order of the environment, advocates of all things organic are finding themselves in something of a bind.

Overzealous health nuts keep pushing everything vegan but have never let go of deriding genetically modified foods, consistently going after Monsanto and other corporations that monkey with grain and vegetable DNA to make them pest and drought resistant.


On the other hand, they are gung-ho for reinventing beef from plant and synthetic components created in a laboratory. The rationale is convoluted at best.

First, the complaint is that beef (though other meats are equally under fire) is dirty by its nature of organically (that’s right, organically) converting plant matter through the gastric system to be added to the girth, which becomes edible meat after the animal is processed. Secondly, the poor beasts are blamed for global warming as supposedly producing so much methane that the earth’s temperature is affected. Thirdly, they’ve decided that meat in general is unfit for human consumption in that it poses a health hazard, though no real science or statistics have ever confirmed this theory.

The logical vegan answer? Artificially create beef out of vegetable matter (which the animals already do) or other unnatural elements not usually found in meat, but trying hard to retain the flavor of real beef… or pork, turkey, chicken, etc.

The paradox is obvious. How can advocates of natural foodstuffs recommend eating meats that are composed of unnatural ingredients modified in a laboratory? The hypocrisy runs deeper than shale oil.

But let’s add to the conundrum of genetically engineering beef the effort to reintroduce species that died out eons ago. But not really reintroducing them, more like reinventing them.

Outlandish as it sounds, a real live scientist thinks it’s a good idea to try and make a new dinosaur out of a chicken. You got that right… a chicken. Giving credit to the author of this PJ Media piece that caught my attention, it didn’t take much for me to make the leap of weighing evolution against Creation because the whole premise behind the scientist’s theory is that if you redesign a bird you get a dinosaur.

Sound crazy? Yes, unless you’re completely given over to evolutionary teaching that dinosaurs are actually birds, having either evolved from them or into them, not really sure which.

Coming from a background of having been an anthropology major, even I had trouble with this interpretation of Darwinism. The whole primordial swamp/soup thing made less and less sense as time went on, especially since never has any “missing link” been discovered, whether it was Lucy the australopithicus or the debunked Piltdown man. In fact, in any species development, missing links are, basically, still missing.

Then there’s the Carbon 14 controversy in that it’s never been proven to be a reliable measure of age of any organic artifact. There has been a pervasive problem dating ancient bones and fossils in that, over the last century and a half where digs have relied on counting layers of rock and sediment to determine thousands, millions or billions of years in age, it’s all based on debated and ever-changing theory. This, unfortunately, is not scientific because nothing that has been expostulated along these lines can be replicated, which is the basis of proof in science.

So, here we have a renowned scientist getting ready to genetically modify a chicken into a chickenasaurus (did I spell that right?) in an attempt to recreate something that wasn’t even named until the 1800s, i.e. dinosaurs. All based on an odd theory that so-called dinosaurs were/are related to the fowl of the air.

What is so utterly incomprehensible is to what end anyone would wish to reinvent something that has found its way into oblivion via natural causes or some inexplicable event. Agree or not with the age of the earth proposed in this video, some of the common sense points prompt a healthy skepticism of evolutionary theory. Besides, it’s entertaining. And frankly, how challenging is evolution on the credibility meter if measurable facts are weighed?

We do know that what are called dinosaurs did exist. Too many fossil skeletons have been found, reconstructed and are on display in museums worldwide where they fascinate each new generation. When the reptilian creatures existed has never been fully established despite the flexible timelines that are taught to students in every school. Although evolution has become a syllabus staple in classrooms, the theory has yet to be proven in any arena, laboratory or archaeologically, without making huge assumptions.

For many of us, the deeper we delved into evolution, the less sensible it became as more questions than answers arose.  Each direction you turned, fewer facts became available to support what was being taught, making evolution appear contrived more to disparage the concept of God than to actually establish a plausible notion. The circular thinking forwards a possible conclusion that the chickenasaur would then be a completely man-made “species” not based in fact at all but literally built on an imagined evolutionary connection between dinosaurs and birds.

In the long run, the reinventing of God’s creations, whether it’s laboratory beef or a freakish feathered dinosaur, these strange concepts are symptoms of unchecked pride – that man can build a better mousetrap or, in this case extinct “terrible lizard,” than God.


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