Anyone arrogant enough to believe that puny man can destroy the earth or save it by his invention misunderstands the nature of God, His creation and man’s role to fill as a worthy steward

Paris Accord – another carbon credit scheme

By —— Bio and Archives--June 5, 2017

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“What would happen if He charged you for the air that you breathe and you couldn’t afford to pay for it?”1

God provided the heavens, the earth and atmosphere and yet, this is precisely what world governments are trying to do via the Paris Accord – charge us for the very air we breathe but we can’t afford to pay for it… nor should we. It is a gift from God. And despite someone like George Soros claiming to be god – he’s not, nor is any conglomerate of nations. As much as they think they can redesign the earth’s atmosphere, they can’t. It doesn’t matter how many countries sign onto a treaty or ‘non-binding’ agreement, one or 193.

The earth is God’s creation and we are here to honor Him, which means believe Him, give credence to His Word and put it first in our lives and – listen to this – not set His creation above Him. We honor God by putting His Word into motion through the church, not secular entities that have attempted to usurp the place of God thinking, first, that the earth is endangered and, secondly, that they can save what God called “…world without end.” Eph 3:21

Regarding God’s creation, don’t be bamboozled to place faith in a treaty or agreement among temporal nations promising to make changes that they have no power to change.

The Paris Accord, like every other agreement devised with the intent of affecting climate change (which is beyond man’s ability to do), is a carbon credit Ponzi scheme.

The implementation of Al Gore and his volunteer army’s dream works this way: Rich nations pay into an account that supplies credit to poor or communist nations, allowing them to spew into the atmosphere whatever filth they want. Only the funds are not used to correct anything in the atmosphere. The reason being that there is virtually nothing that government can do to change the levels of CO2, a gas necessary to life on this earth, which is proven science, unlike what is popularly referred to as ‘climate change.’

The money extorted from the United States (no other nation is assessed anywhere near the same rate) would have been deposited into slush funds for the apparatchiks in bureaucracies who shuffle meaningless papers that could never affect the environment. They would, however, shut down human productivity by impeding and closing industry, making poverty endemic and expanding dependence on a ‘benevolent’ state.

This is the purpose of agreements like the Paris Accord – to institutionalize and enrich an aristocracy of regulators to guarantee the subservience of the general populace. It has no bearing on clean air or a clean environment nor is there any desire to promote either.

Good stewards of God’s earth who use the gift of His resources to feed their families, church, communities and nations are the ones who give to God first in honor of His provision. In so doing, we supply for ourselves and our neighbors and then government. The latter is a creation of God purposed to build infrastructure for commerce to continue unhindered. It is from this bounty that we “honor the Lord with our substance.” Proverbs 3:9

Government is to serve mankind not for mankind to serve it. And always we honor God first in our hearts for having supplied the earth, the air, the seas, flora and fauna and yes, the work of our hands.

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In this, Nancy Pelosi has it completely backwards in telling President Trump he has dishonored God by eschewing an evil scheme to steal trillions of dollars from hard working Americans. The truth is that she and other earth worshippers dishonor God by believing they can ‘fix’ His creation. By the way, Ms. Pelosi, His creation, the earth and its atmosphere, aren’t broken. That state of brokenness belongs to Man alone and why God sent His Son to pay our debt, offering free redemption to internally ‘fix’ us.

Anyone arrogant enough to believe that puny man can destroy the earth or save it by his invention misunderstands the nature of God, His creation and man’s role to fill as a worthy steward. Captains of industry and heads of state often suffer a power-induced malady that their grandiose fortunes can engineer changes in the earth itself. The only thing money can do is buy acquiescence and power that may squelch opposition…

…I said may.

  1. In making the point that everything we have is due to the generous nature of a loving God whose creation we enjoy, Creflo Dollar said this in his June 2, 2017 broadcast.

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