No. I’m just grateful that He’s allowing me to live another moment

Passenger-shot Facebook video inside plan seconds before Philadelphia crash is pretty freaky

By —— Bio and Archives--April 18, 2018

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Passenger-shot Facebook video inside plan seconds before Philadelphia crash is pretty freaky
His attempt to broadcast a Facebook Live to tell his family he loved them – just in case – didn’t turn out so well, which would come as no surprise to anyone who’s used in-flight wifi.

These, however, give you a real sense of the atmosphere aboard the plane, even if they don’t give you much in the way of actual information. Not that you need much. Everyone knows the plane is headed for a crash-landing. Everyone knows their survival is in question. Yet the calm that persists is palpable. Some have speculated it’s so quiet because people are praying.


Two videos for you, both shot by passenger Marty Martinez, who is the man you see in the brief first video. (See Below)

Not really represented here is the horrifying fate of passenger Jennifer Riordan, who died from injuries sustained when she was nearly sucked out of a window that broke following the explosion of the engine. It took several passengers to pull her back in, followed by the quick action of a registered nurse who performed CPR on her, but sadly it was not enough to save her.

Remember, a broken window is going to depressurize the cabin, so those oxygen masks aren’t just to assist you with breathing at this point. You need them to save your lives.

No doubt there’s a mix of prayer, fear, resolve and regret going through the cabin at a moment like this. And the prayer of the faithful may have brought action from God in the form of most lives on the plane being spared.

This is usually when atheists claim the notion of answered prayers is absurd, because a loving and just God wouldn’t allow Jennifer Riordan to die and save everyone else. But that ascribes man’s understanding of justice and fairness to God, who sees much more deeply into every situation, and is operating at a far more advanced level than your or I. The person who survived that flight is right to give Him thanks and praise, and doesn’t need an atheist in his ear demanding: “You think God loves you more than Jennifer Riordan?”

No. I’m just grateful that He’s allowing me to live another moment.

Indeed, God help us all.



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