'Make America Dream Again'

'Make America Dream Again' - Pelosi fawns over 'brilliant' DACA recipients, says we should all be thanking illegals

By —— Bio and Archives--October 5, 2017

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First, we heard Pelosi tell a grieving mother - whose child was tortured to death by illegals - that illegals are nothing more than “law-abiding citizens.”  That insane claim was, more recently, followed by the assertion that parents who illegally smuggled their DACA-protected children into the United States “did a great thing for our country” when they violated our laws. Now, she’s gone a step further.

In her never-ending quest to suck up to her previously-offended base and import a new swath of Democrat voters, Nancy Pelosi has decided to slobber all over illegals in a fawning display that’s so grotesquely saccharine it may turn your stomach.  ...Particularly when she claims that we should all be thanking them.


As Pelosi puts it:

“Our Dreamers, they make America dream again. They’re so lovely and we, frankly, owe a debt to your parents for bringing you here to be such a brilliant part of our future.

...A constant re-invigoration of America. That’s what newcomers are.  Your courage, with your optimism, with their commitment to making the future better for their children.  That’s what America is all about. “

We’d agree with that last part - IF they were coming here legally. Legal immigration - in which the best and brightest from other nations come to the United States - improves both our country and the lives of those who come here. It’s a shame that’s not what Pelosi wants.

Brace yourself for some truly nauseating bootlicking.


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