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People in the real world don’t care that Nikki Haley resigned, or why, or when

By —— Bio and Archives--October 10, 2018

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People in the real world don’t care that Nikki Haley resigned, or why, or when
I’m not maligning people who covered it. Heck, we covered it. If Rob hadn’t written it up, I would have.

And I’m not offering this by way of defending the Trump Administration against the usual charges of internal chaos or whatever. I’m seeing this more in terms of how the political class and the media view certain events, compared with how the rest of us view them.


Which is to say, when it comes to something like the resignation of the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, there is no view at all that you can ascribe to normal people – because they don’t care. Nor should they.

Nikki Haley did a very good job in her short tenure at the UN, I thought. She stood up for Israel and she read the riot act to the UN’s apologists for terrorists and dictators. As far as I’m concerned, those are the only things the United States needs to do there anyway, so I’d say the job is complete. I don’t know if the next UN ambassador will do these things as well, although I’m sure President Trump will try to find someone who does.

But I also don’t think the world will be much affected one way or the other. Someone else will take the job, the UN will continue to be the pit of rot it’s always been, world without end, amen.

Normal people will go on with their lives not concerning themselves much with this because it not only doesn’t affect them, it really doesn’t affect much of anything.

Yet there is a great hubbub today about all this in Washington. Why, the timing is suspect! Cabinet members never resign right before an election! It’s not a good look! Something doesn’t “pass the smell test” as bad writers say.

Maybe she’s going to primary Trump in 2020! Maybe this is about Kavanaugh! Maybe she lost a power struggle!

Maybe she just woke up one day and decided to quit her job. You never wanted to do that?

Or maybe she secretly hated Donald Trump the whole time and put on a very good show of acting like she didn’t. If so . . . so what? You never had it up to here with your boss?

The point is that Washington is characteristically all abuzz about something that seems scintillating but doesn’t really affect anyone or anything. The intrigue is just fascinating to those easily fascinated by changes in the org chart. Most of us see it happen in our own jobs every day. We wish Nikki Haley well, and hope the next ambassador enjoys the job.

Because apart from them, it really doesn’t matter a whit to anyone.


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