Bill Clinton held a secret meeting aboard a private plane with an Attorney General whose FBI is currently investigating Clinton's presidential candidate wife

Phew. We can all relax. David Axelrod says we can 'take Clinton's word' on that Lynch plane meeting

By —— Bio and Archives--June 30, 2016

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Over the years, I’ve had many thoughts about Obama strategist and advisor, David Axelrod. I’ve thought he was conniving, a liar, borderline crazy, a barely closeted socialist, and a brown-nosing statist.  I’ve also thought that he’s trying to win some sort of bizarre Adolph Hitler lookalike contest. I have not, however, thought he was stupid. What others might have seen as stupidity, I saw as willful ignorance in pursuit of agenda.

That just changed.

David Axelrod says he takes Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch “at their word” when they say they’re weird, clandestine, private plane meeting had nothing to do with the FBI’s probe into Hillary Clinton’s email scandal.

Dan already covered the meeting itself, so I won’t rehash all the specifics. I’ll just say this: Bill Clinton held a secret meeting aboard a private plane with an Attorney General whose FBI is currently investigating Clinton’s presidential candidate wife.  It’s also looking into the Clinton family’s notoriously corrupt charitable organization AND its influence over Hillary during her tenure as Secretary of State.  There is every possibility that Bill Clinton could be called as a witness in an eventual trial that will determine the outcome of his family’s political future and livelihood. ...Yet Axelrod is actually trying to pretend there’s nothing weird about that meeting beyond bad optics.

That is completely, utterly, 100% insane. But such blatant hackery is not what’s convinced me that Axelrod is stupid.

What convinced me that Axelrod is stupid isn’t his utterly predictable effort to play down the obviously shady nature of this meeting. It’s that he thinks anyone, anywhere, is foolish enough to take his advice and believe that anyone from the Clinton clan - a family of proven liars - should be taken “at their word.” 

Given their history, that has to be the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.


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