Thank you, Piers for doing the job the opposition should have done.

Piers Morgan: Canada’s Leader of the Unofficial Opposition

By —— Bio and Archives--February 12, 2018

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Piers Morgan: Canada’s Leader of the Unofficial Opposition

As the entire English-speaking world knows by now, Canada’s prime minister recently made a fool of himself by correcting a woman’s grammar. At one of his town hall meetings, designed to bolster Trudeau’s sagging popularity, a woman asked him a long convoluted question. When the woman said the word “mankind,” Trudeau rudely interrupted her and said we don’t say “mankind,” we say “peoplekind.” At least the PM said “we” instead of “Canadians.” Who the “we” is will undoubtedly remain one of life’s mysteries.

The news of Trudeau’s silly political correctness went around the word with a great deal of coverage in the U.S. and the U.K. It was all critical of our beloved Sock Boy although some in the left wing media pointed out it was only those who are “right wing” who were critical of Trudeau.


One of the strongest criticisms of the childish Trudeau came from Piers Morgan

One of the strongest criticisms of the childish Trudeau came from Piers Morgan Writing in the Daily Mail, the title really sums up Justin Trudeau. It refers to the Right Honourable Prime Minister of Canada as a “spineless virtue-signalling excuse for a feminist. Morgan further described Trudeau as the winner of the title “Chief PC Plonker.” The columnist also wrote, “Trudeau comes over as the worst kind of hectoring, bully pulpit smart #, dripping with virtuous self-aggrandizing sanctimony.”

We are unsure if the prime minister actually read Morgan’s piece. Even if he did, Morgan uses a lot of big words such as “hectoring and “etymology” so even if he did, it is unlikely he would have understood it. But Gerald Butts, Trudeau’s old drinking buddy and currrent principal secretary did.

On Thursday, Butts tweeted essentially that anyone who did not like Trudeau’s “joke” about peoplekind is a Nazi.

Among others, this tweet brought a reply from Morgan who called Butts a “complete and utter halfwit” for saying anyone who didn’t like the PM’s “joke” was a Nazi.


Butts, who is believed to be the brains behind the brain-matter challenged PM, should know better

So much for Godwin’s law. Godwin, an American attorney stated if discussions on the Internet go on long enough, someone will eventually make an analogy to Hitler. Calling people who laughed at Justin “Nazis” seems to be the first thought Butts had on the matter. No extended discussion here.

The opposition parties have been completely silent on the prime minister’s principal secretary’s characterization that anyone who disagrees that “mankind” should be changed to “peoplekind’ is a Nazi. There are Canadians, Jews and others, who have been victims or have family members or ancestors who were victims of Nazi atrocities. While calling people who think differently than they do “Nazis” Canadians should at least expect those types of insults to not come from the Liberal government. Butts, who is believed to be the brains behind the brain-matter challenged PM, should know better.

It can hardly be expected that the socialist NDP would condemn Butts’ use of the word “Nazi.” The Dippers are probably still cheering Trudeau’s faux feminism in preferring the word “peoplekind” to “mankind.” But it is disconcerting to say the least that the Conservative Party of Canada has been absolutely silent on the matter.


The silence of Andrew Scheer and the CPC strongly implies agreement with Butts’ comments

The silence of Andrew Scheer and the CPC strongly implies agreement with Butts’ comments. Either that or they really don’t care their base, the ones who criticized Trudeau’s “peoplekind” are labelled Nazis. The CPC usually have nothing to say when ordinary Canadians protest Trudeau’s actions and are called “white supremacists” and “fascists.” This is really nothing new.

While Trudeau is not only insulting a large segment of Canada’s population but actively destroying what is good about this country, the CPC are fixated on Trudeau’s vacation to the Aga Khan’s island. For days upon days upon days, Trudeau was questioned, usually by Scheer, about whether he was going to repay the $200,000 cost for the vacation the ethics commissioner found to be ethical breaches. While Scheer is undoubtedly unqualified to opine on Einstein’s laws of relativity, he has certainly proved the late genius’s definition of insanity to be correct. Insanity was defined by Einstein as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. But the party has no time to weigh in on a high level staffer’s comparisons of critics to Nazis.

Silence on a senior staffer in the Canadian government calling those who he disagree with “Nazis” is almost as bad as Butts’ original tweet on the matter. Scheer and the CPC should be ashamed of themselves.

At least those right-thinking people who understand the difference between Hitler’s Third Reich and those who criticize Trudeau and who feel sympathy for those who were victimized by the Nazis have Piers Morgan on their side. Thank you, Piers for doing the job the opposition should have done.

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