Pilate also washed his hands

By -- Gerald Hall—— Bio and Archives--January 23, 2018

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President Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital was the right thing to do and a predictable and appropriate response to former President Barack Obama’s benighted decision to engineer the U.N. Security Council resolution to declare Judaism’s holiest places in Jerusalem to be occupied territory and a “flagrant violation under international law. Obama’s decision was done out of personal revenge against P.M. Netanyahu and totally nothing to do with long-standing American policy. This was a decision striking right at the very heart of Israel. There is a good argument to be made that Obama made peace in the middle east more difficult and Trump made it more possible.

Virtually everyone in the international community agrees that Israel has a legitimate claim to these and other areas of Jerusalem. Obama’s resolution would make criminals out of Israeli’s who have a perfect right to access Jewish holy sites. Trump was simply acknowledging what everyone in Israel already knows. Jerusalem is the eternal capital of the Jewish state and moving the American embassy there was the right thing to do and helped restore an appropriate balance in the U.N. and this has been a long-standing American tradition.

Regrettably, Canada was one of 35 countries that abstained from the voting. This is strangely reminiscent of the cowardly Pilate, governor of Judaea who “took water, and washed his hands before the multitude, saying, I am innocent of the blood of this just person”. Thousands of Hebrew inscriptions throughout Israel, numerous archaeological finds, and the Bible itself proves beyond any dispute that Israel’s roots run very deep in this their land. It is nothing short of outrageous to rule that Jews are not allowed access to their historic holy sites. The fact that the U.N. sees things differently changes nothing and certainly will not change the mind of the One Who made the covenant with Abraham 4000 years ago.

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