She exposes the ‘conspiracy’ to damage her career

Poor Kathy Griffin!

By -- BombThrowers—— Bio and Archives--November 14, 2017

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Poor Kathy Griffin!
When last we saw her, Donald Trump had broken her after she held up a prop that looked like Trump’s decapitated head. It was just a misunderstood publicity stunt that everyone blew out of proportion. Poor Ms. Griffin had to apologize for it, but a lot of mean people wouldn’t forgive her and her wonderful career took a nosedive. Perhaps that is why Griffin is now taking back her apology.

Now it turns out that there was a conspiracy to derail Griffin’s career. And who is exposing this conspiracy? Why, the brave little girl herself:

The conspiracy involved Harvey Levin, who is the head of the show-biz blog and TV show “TMZ.” He’s put up stuff on TMZ’s website that harmed Griffin’s career, such as a list of the places that cancelled appearances by Griffin after the misunderstood Trump-decapitation-publicity-stunt.

Why would he do that? Griffin wonders. Why indeed, other than to ruin her career? But the smoking gun that Levin is in on the conspiracy is that he reportedly communicates with President Trump. Clearly, there is no other reason Levin would talk to the president other than to destroy Griffin’s career.

There are many others who are part of the conspiracy, according to Griffin. This included Andy Cohen, producer and talk show host, who wanted her to snort cocaine with him. Then there was TV producer Lauren Zalaznik, who didn’t protect the poor, defenseless Griffin for the five years she did her show “Life on the D-List.” And Griffin holds entertainment executives Bonnie Hammer and Frances Berwick responsible for so messing up the show “Fashion Police” that Griffin had to leave after seven episodes.

Finally, her former attorney, Lisa Bloom, is also in on the conspiracy. Bloom, as you may recall, convinced Griffin to have that disastrous press conference following the Trump-Decapitation fiasco. Bloom should have worked to make the scandal die down instead of letting the hapless Griffin make a fool of herself.

It comes down to this: All of Griffin’s problems are somebody else’s fault!

On that note, there is a list of attorneys that you don’t want to turn to if you want to make a scandal go away because they throw gasoline on the fire by seeking tons of publicity. Gloria Allred is number one on that list, but number two is her daughter, Lisa Bloom. Griffin would have chosen a different lawyer, but someone else involved in the conspiracy hid that list. We don’t know who yet, but Griffin will no doubt uncover it at some point in the future.

It comes down to this: All of Griffin’s problems are somebody else’s fault!

Further evidence that she’s been victimized is she only has a 15-country, 23-date comedy tour at the moment. She will, unfortunately, receive a check for her tour with an insufficient number of zeroes before the decimal point!

Poor Kathy Griffin!


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