As leaders of state, including the Vatican, recognize the illegitimate claim of Palestinian statehood, there can be no peace as that claim is based wholly on the outright destruction of Israel, the Jews, and the subjugation of Christianity

Pope 'canonizes' Abbas as 'angel of peace', betraying Iraqi nuns

By —— Bio and Archives--May 18, 2015

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Abandoning his own constituents, Pope Francis has embraced the divisive, terror-backed Palestinian Authority with a treaty recognizing its (nonexistent) statehood and an open-armed welcome of Mahmoud Abbas, P.A. leader, as an “angel of peace.” With this action, the pope iced the cake of tumultuous Middle East politics by celebrating a condoner of ISIS that continues to persecute members of his own Catholic flock in Syria and Iraq.


Abbas stands with Hamas, an officially identified terrorist group that calls for Israel’s annihilation, the Palestinian National Charter iterating their same goal. How this warrants Abbas to be acclaimed an “angel of peace” is absurd when he, and the political entity he represents, quantifies the opposite sentiment. Church hierarchy may be canonizing two 19th century nuns from the Holy Land that is now under Palestinian control, however, that hardly qualifies Abbas as a man of peace despite the pope’s gushing admiration. Even Abbas’ comment praising the newly honored saints Mariam Bawardy and Marie Alphonsine Ghattas as “inspirational models for today’s Palestinians,” and asking Christians like them to remain in the region, seems to advocate Christians be submissive to Islam. Would sticking with the Palestinian Authority’s current attitude toward Christians “until we achieve liberty, sovereignty and human dignity” in a future state significantly improve the status of Christians in any way? Doubtful, if a past of anti-Christian riots and dishonored promises counts for much.

While Pope Francis rolled out the red carpet for Abbas, Sister Diana Momeka, a Dominican nun from Iraq, struggled to receive a visa in order to address Congress on ISIS’ massacres and destruction of the Church. Other members of the delegation representing Yazidis and Turkmen Shia had been granted visas, yet the State Department felt compelled to initially decline her entrance (and still is not commenting on the blockage). Upon finally receiving permission to come to the United States, Sister Diana gave compelling testimony before Congress of the devastation, stating that believers’ faith is increasing amid ISIS’ horrific rampage.

It hasn’t been reported whether Pope Francis made a personal appeal to the State Department for Sister Diana, whose hindered entry could be construed as discrimination, if one had a mind to view it in that light. What makes discrimination a possibility are other actions being taken by the Administration to ease the admission, including clandestinely, of displaced Muslim refugees from war-torn regions. Yet no effort, that can be found, is being made to bring Christian refugees into the United States, just Muslims.

Any religious group that believes differently than the official ISIS and related terrorist organization dogma is a target for anything from special taxation and disenfranchisement to dismemberment, immolation and beheading. A major object of this malice is the Christian community, especially the ancient churches of Syria and Iraq. Yet the administration is fast-tracking (one of Obama’s favorite terms) the relocation of only Muslims claiming refuge, ignoring the persecuted Christians.

Department of Homeland Security has been caught red-handed secretly transporting Somalis, that crossed illegally from Mexico, to a center in Victorville, CA. It is also frantically working to resettle Muslims from Syria, Ethiopia and Burma in places like North Carolina and Boise, Idaho through NGO refugee advocates, most without the knowledge or consent of local citizens.

Muslim refugees are sailing across the Mediterranean Sea to escape the turmoil in Africa, inundating ports in Italy and other southern cities on the Continent, possibly feeding the fast-rising level of anti-Semitism in Europe. Yet Pope Francis deems it necessary to laud Abbas, the foremost Palestinian (and thus terror) spokesman with accolades for advancing peace. Further, the International Criminal Court is seriously considering Palestinian claims against Israel, that their defensive reaction to attacks from Gaza and the West Bank are war crimes. This increases the volatility of the situation by awarding credibility to incredible charges that destroy all hope of peaceful resolution to conflict.

As long as any leaders of state, including the Vatican, recognize the illegitimate claim of Palestinian statehood, there can be no peace as that claim is based wholly on the outright destruction of Israel, the Jews, and the subjugation of Christianity.

Proverbs 17:15He that justifieth the wicked, and he that condemneth the just, even they both are abomination to the Lord.


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