Media still doesn't understand: Healthcare, immigration, and tax reform will be front-loaded into his first term.

President-elect Trump gives first interview to 60 Minutes - watch the whole thing here

By —— Bio and Archives--November 14, 2016

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Did you watch 60 Minutes last night?  No.  Of course you didn’t. You have better ways to spend your time than ingesting the antics of a biased, old-media, dinosaur like Lesley Stahl.

Still, you might want to know what Donald Trump had to say during his first interview since winning the 2016 presidential election.

If that’s the case, we’ve got you covered.  Below, you’ll find the entire 40 minute segment, complete with the Trump interview and the broader interview with the future first family.  Stahl is as biased as you’d expect, but the Trumps handle themselves well. As usual, Donald plays the media like a fiddle and comes away looking pretty good.

Things to which you should pay attention:

Stahl, like most of the left-wing media, has no idea why Trump won.  She’s still leaning heavily on “racism”

Stahl wants Trump to be afraid and intimidated by the job ahead.  He’s not.

Trump is “fine” with gay marriage, calling it “settled law.”  Good.  Social conservatives may not like it, but no Republican should try to re-open this issue. The country has moved on. They should too.

He’s planning to deport millions of criminal illegals, and seal the border - with some form of barricade. Also good.

Lesley Stahl is terrible.

Healthcare, immigration, and tax reform will be front-loaded into his first term.  You’ll be hearing a lot more on those, along with the appointment of Scalia’s replacement, in the early days of President Trump’s first term.


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