US warships, B-1 bombers strike against Assad after suspected chemical attack, President Trump addresses the nation,

Latest on Syrian Air strikes

By -- Daily Mail, Breitbart—— Bio and Archives--April 13, 2018

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The United States on Friday announced it approved precision military strikes on Syria after alleging that the Assad regime used chemical weapons in a recent attack in the country.

The size of the strike was twice the size of the U.S. assault last year. Fox News confirmed that warships and U.S. Air Force B-1 bombers were used in Friday’s bombing campaign. — More…

President Trump Delivers Remarks on Syria


Airstrikes on Syria have destroyed ‘large part’ of Assad’s chemical weapons stock, says French Foreign minister after US, France and Britain launch response to ‘evil and despicable’ attack

A ‘large part’ of the Syrian regime’s chemical arsenal was destroyed last night after America, the UK and France launched co-ordinated missile attacks on facilities known to be used in the production of the deadly weapons.

American, British and French forces launched airstrikes on two chemical weapons facilities and a military command post in Syria on Friday night in retaliation for a chemical attack that left up 75 civilians dead last week. —More…

Putin declares US-led Syria strike an ‘act of aggression’

Russia’s U.S. ambassador speaks out about the Syria strikes on Twitter; Rich Edson reports on the Russian reaction to U.S. military action.

Russian officials warned of “consequences” after President Donald Trump announced his approval of U.S.-led military strikes in Syria against the Russian-backed regime of Bashar al-Assad.—More…

Mattis: Syria Strikes a ‘One-Time Shot,’ Further Operations Will Depend on Assad

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said that whether the United States will launch further attacks against the Syrian regime will depend on whether Syrian President Bashar al-Assad uses chemical weapons again.

“That will depend on Mr. Assad,” Mattis said at a Pentagon briefing Friday night, when asked whether there would be more military operations, following U.S., French, and British strikes against Syrian chemical weapons facilities.—More…


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