It’s time to clinch our teeth and be as determined and confident as our president

President Trump and his Promises

By —— Bio and Archives--May 20, 2018

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President Trump and his Promises
The threats and promises of Iran — after President Trump withdrew from the Obama-Kerry nuclear “deal” — that they would continue their nuclear enrichment program, etc., is proof that the Obama-Kerry agreement was in very deed not working. This is ignored by the Liberal Media.

President Trump ignoring the taunts and threats from Iran for nullifying the “agreement” is also proof that he is not a DC Swamprat. This frustrates Iran and the DC swamp. It also proves that President Trump represents the wishes and needs of the people and not traditions of the swamp.


And now we find Israel seeing President Trump as an honored and distinct part of their history, as great a friend as they saw President Truman, for moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem and for his support for Israel in a troubled world. This is a big very important thing to Israel. Moving the Embassy could have been done sooner by previous leaders here who said that it should be done. However, they only said this while concentrating on their true ambitions. In this also, we see another demonstration of President Trump going beyond mouthing the words: He comes through with his promises. This also has the Democrats/Left losing sleep and no doubt going back to see what else was promised by the President.

It is not a matter of President Trump “going down” in history; it is instead the world seeing President Trump making history.

Not only will President Trump’s opponents be jealous of the outcome of his promises, it will lead to more international leaders wondering if they also can be more assertive and make improvements in their own countries and thereby be more like our president. This alone makes it appear likely that what we see from President Trump today may well become his legacy, much in contrast to the legacies of previous presidents. However, I really doubt that Donald J. Trump is very concerned about a future library dedicated to him. When/If a presidential library is created, it will be an effort from his supporters and those who appreciate what the president has done, and will do, for our country.

Americans can be proud because we see much of what our leaders are doing is in full agreement with the high standards and desires of society at large. Even the Left/Democrats cannot negate the good that we see happening as we speak. It may be distorted and skewed by the Alinsky Left but thinking people will see the Left’s efforts as a mad dog in nature where there is little regard for others not of their calling, seeing all opposition as an enemy to their ambitions, deserving of total annihilation. Nothing of this is seen in President Trump who gives much more recognition and respect to his detractors than they actually deserve.

What we see happening around us today is very encouraging. Let’s pray and hope that it proves to be one of the greatest eras in our nation’s history. It is not time to hold our collective breath, though, it’s time to clinch our teeth and be as determined and confident as our president.


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Mr. Lunsford is a retired DoD telecommunications engineer, linguist and world traveler now living in eastern Kentucky. Still active in radio communications, he has several books copyrighted, one of which is now in final process of publication. He is politically motivated and, as much as possible, politically active.

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