President of the United States can be disinterested and uninformed on the war against Islamic terrorism in Afghanistan

Pro-troop group urges General McChrystal to come clean on Obama admin negligence

By —— Bio and Archives--June 23, 2010

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Sacramento, Calif – Move America Forward the nation’s largest grassroots pro-troop organization, is calling on discharged General McChrystal, formerly in command of the American forces in Afghanistan, to come public with the true extent of the Obama Administration’s disengagement with the war in Afghanistan.

As the Obama administration fumes over General Stanley McChrystal’s comments in the upcoming Rolling Stone article “Runaway General,” the pro-troop group organization is expressing shock that the President of the United States can be disinterested and uninformed on the war against Islamic terrorism in Afghanistan.

“Now that General McChrystal is no longer part of the military chain of command, he is free to expose the mismanagement of the war by the Obama administration, which is what got him in trouble in the first place.” said Move America Forward’s Director of Communications, Danny Gonzalez.

“The focus of news media reports has been on the poor judgment shown by McChrystal is his Rolling Stone article, but the real important issue to Americans is the conduct of the war to protect us against Islamic extremist.  Our doubts and concerns about President Obama and his seeming lackluster approach to the war have been accentuated by the McChrystal revelations.  We hope that he would do a great service to the American people by elaborating on the frustrations that ultimately led to his ouster.

“In a time when America is at war, when the greatest threat to American security is Islamic terrorism, it is appalling and inexcusable that the Obama administration is preoccupied, uninformed, and disinterested in winning the war in Afghanistan. It’s now public that McChrystal was frustrated with Obama’s people who are getting in the way of progress in Afghanistan, and the American people deserve to know the truth. We implore General McChrystal to blow the whistle and go public with what he knows.” Gonzalez said.

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