It’s only a matter of time, it seems, before it happens again. Only this time, it may be the spark that sets the nation on fire

Rabid Running Dogs

By —— Bio and Archives--February 25, 2018

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Rabid Running Dogs
It becomes more and more obvious by the day that we are rapidly heading towards a second American civil war. As the leftists become a smaller and smaller minority, their frustration and desperation are driving them to more and more extreme positions, and more and more frequently, to violence of word and deed. The middle ground has disappeared under this rising tide of angry, threatening rhetoric. Debate is no longer an option. The left demands we agree with them, or suffer dire consequences. In the aftermath of the school shooting in Florida, the recent concerted attacks, mostly from the rabid running dogs in the “mainstream” media, on the 2nd Amendment, the NRA (National Rifle Association), and the supporters of both, epitomize this.


Instead of focusing on the shooter

Instead of focusing on the shooter, and how he managed to pull off his barbaric, insane massacre, the left pounced on the tragedy as a means to push for “common sense gun control”. Using still traumatized students, already brainwashed and indoctrinated by their leftist “educators”, and terrified liberal parents, they fed them “questions” and turned them loose like attack dogs on a Republican senator and a representative of the NRA. The fact that the NRA had absolutely nothing to do with the tragedy made no difference, nor did the fact that what the shooter did was already totally illegal. They were made to appear more guilty than the murderous psycho, a psycho, by the way, well known to law enforcement for threats and violence, but allowed to engage in those behaviors unmolested.

What the left means by “common sense” is, their definition of what is right and wrong, good and bad, fair and unfair, allowable and forbidden. Repeat: THEIR definition. Anything else is rejected out of hand and is not up for discussion. Period. And what the left mean by “common sense gun control” is only one thing: complete gun confiscation.

Most conservatives and constitutionalists are aware of a number of facts regarding the right to keep and bear arms, though many have had trouble seeing the basic, underlying relationship among them all. They know that the big, Democrat-run cities like Chicago and Washington, D.C., have the strictest gun control laws in the country, and yet have appallingly high murder rates, with minorities constituting the majority of perpetrators and victims. Many, too, are aware that places where concealed carry is lightly restricted, crime rates go way down. This is not just a phenomenon limited to America. Both the UK and Australia confiscated private firearms and saw their crime rates, especially violent ones, skyrocket. Contrast this with Switzerland where firearm ownership is mandatory. And those who have studied history, especially that since 1900, are aware that strict gun control and confiscation were common to all, repeat, all, the brutal, murderous, totalitarian dictatorships worldwide, especially the communist ones.

The sometimes hard to see threads tying these facts all together are involvement of leftist/progressive/communist/fascist individuals and organizations, and the ultimate aim of not gun control, but gun confiscation – the disarming of the civilian population – and thus, people control. An unarmed citizen has been accurately described as a subject.

They’re pushing the fiction, aka, the Big Lie

A look at who is funding and organizing these supposedly student-organized “protests” and “marches” is not something the “mainstream” media has any interest in doing. They’re pushing the fiction, aka, the Big Lie, that children in high school are spontaneously doing this themselves. For example, the Park Service permit for the “march” on Washington that some kid from the high school is supposed to be organizing, appears to be the work of a Los Angeles TV producer and feminist organizer, Deena Katz. Hardly a Florida high school kid, and hardly a spontaneous action. It stinks of Soros money and meddling. But since the “mainstream” media is actually the Ministry of Leftist Propaganda, we may never know.

Clearly, the hysterical demands for “common sense gun control” from leftist media and their rabid running dog leftist and left-leaning politicians is aimed at,

  1. panicking the public into believing there is an immediate, life-threatening crisis;
  2. ginning up fear and hysteria in the already fearful and hysterical Democrat base, aimed at phony scapegoats like the NRA and Republicans;
  3. using this to pressure Congress into submitting to unjustified demands for what amounts to undercutting the Constitution, and another step towards total gun confiscation.

However, in a change from the past, a majority of We, the People, are not sitting back quietly and allowing ourselves to be ridden roughshod over by the anti-freedom, anti-Constitution left. It’s likely that most of the left’s current efforts will fail. However, it’s also likely that being frustrated in this will drive them to even more outrageous lies, threats, and acts of violence. Most Americans are too young to remember the assassinations and attempts of the 1960s and 1970s, virtually all of them committed by deranged leftists. They’ve forgotten too, if they ever actually knew, that nearly all of the mass murders in the last couple of decades were by registered Democrats or their supporters. It’s only a matter of time, it seems, before it happens again. Only this time, it may be the spark that sets the nation on fire.


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The son of a German immigrant, I am an archaeologist by profession, with a BA from Metropolitan State College of Denver, and an MA from Leicester University, in England.  Over the years, I have lived and worked all over the country, and traveled in Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, Europe, Australia, and Japan. I sincerely believe in the old saying, “America, love it or leave it.”

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