We can only hope that William Barr will raise the bar of justice to a moral level and restore equal justice for everyone

Raising the Barr of Justice

By —— Bio and Archives--February 21, 2019

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William BarrThe President made some questionable choices for members of his administration. However, considering the number of snakes slithering around DC, it has to be difficult to find someone who isn’t a snake. Hopefully, William Barr will turn out to be one of the best choices the President has made so far, although some people believe that William Barr, like Jeff Sessions, will also turn a blind eye to the activities of the Clinton-Obama gang. If current events are any indication, then maybe this time the President has chosen a man of honesty and integrity.


Moreover, it may just be a coincidence that Rosenstein decided to resign right after Barr’s appointment, but many of us believe it was because of Barr’s refusal to recuse himself from the phony Mueller investigation. Unlike Sessions, Barr refused to compromise the integrity of the office of Attorney General, and sensible Americans are grateful for that and pleased that Rosenstein is finally leaving the Justice Department, regardless of the circumstances.

However, we are not pleased that he was allowed to leave on his own terms. We believe he should have been fired along with Andrew McCabe. The big difference between McCabe and Rosenstein is that Rosenstein is much smarter and more cunning than McCabe. Unlike McCabe, Rosenstein denies his involvement in the collusion, between the FBI and the Justice Department, to frame the President. However, Rosenstein had to know, when he signed the FISA warrant to spy on the President, that it was based on an unverified document with absolutely no credibility - the Steele dossier.

How can Rosenstein deny his involvement in the scam when his fingerprints are all over it? Rosenstein had to know that the investigation was based on a phony contrived document that was commissioned by the Clinton campaign. Comey even said the dossier was questionable and unverified before he was fired, and it’s reasonable to assume that every one of them knew that, yet they still used it to spy on the President, impugn his reputation and start the phony Mueller investigation. How could they not be co-conspirators?

It should be obvious to anyone with half a brain that Rosenstein is connected to Comey, McCabe, Mueller and the Clintons. They all did their part in the scam. What they did is called a conspiracy, first to reverse the results of an election, and second to remove the President from office. What they did wasn’t justified by any stretch of the imagination. What they did and are still doing, through the phony Mueller investigation, is nothing short of tyranny.

We can only hope that William Barr will raise the bar of justice to a moral level and restore equal justice for everyone. Barr can’t remove the globalists from Congress or the Supreme Court, but he can clean out the Justice department. If luck is on our side, he will do just that. We can only hope that more firings and resignations will follow in both the Justice Department and the FBI until all the conspirators are purged.


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