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Rand Paul: 'There is an uncontrollable deep state in the intel community' . . . rips John Brennan and 'far afield' Mueller probe

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Rand Paul: 'There is an uncontrollable deep state in the intel community' . . . rips John Brennan and 'far afield' Mueller probe
Whatever you think of Rand Paul, the one thing no one can accuse him of being is ‘partisan hack.’ He’s bucked his own party as much as anyone other than John McCain, and - unlike McCain - he’s done it for the right reasons. So, when he absolutely rips into John Brennan’s vitriolic comments and tears into the Mueller “Russian collusion” investigation, saying he’s just toeing the party line isn’t going to cut it.

Paul appeared on Fox News, where he made it clear he’s no fan of the Mueller investigation, calling it a witch hunt, and continued his longstanding feud with surveillance-state champion, John Brennan.


“I think he’ll go down in history, John Brennan, as someone who is very much a partisan and not in the tradition of law enforcement of trying to be even-keeled and non-partisan,” Paul (R-Ky.)

Paul said on “America’s Newsroom” that he is upset that Brennan is an advocate of “basically unlimited surveillance of Americans,” describing Brennan as an “angry” partisan who opposes President Trump.

“This is exactly why we need more control over the intelligence community, and I think they should never be searching an American’s records without a judge’s warrant,” he said.

As for the Mueller probe, Paul basically said that special counsels run too “far afield” of their intended scope and suggested it’s time for Mueller to put up or shut up, saying: “It needs to be done with.  If there is no Russian collusion, let’s close it up and let’s move on.”

The clip appears below.  It’s well worth your time:


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