What is the real scandal? Well, all over the world "the coup d'état in the U.S.A" has been publicly discussed for a while

Real Scandal

By —— Bio and Archives--April 17, 2018

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coup d'état in the U.S.A
First of all, drenched in political correctness left-stream media killed the impact of the term “scandal”. Yep, thumbs up to ye, whooper-scoopers for making people yawn on the mention of whatever malodorous “substance of the matter” you wrapped in newspaper.

With a shrug of our deplorable shoulders, and a sigh of impatience: we want the truth, not a stormy-barmy excuse for your lies. While “crisis of faith in main stream media” is being globally announced, the comrades from MSM keep launching propaganda lemons –something’s gotta give…

What is the real scandal? Well, all over the world “the coup d’état in the U.S.A” has been publicly discussed for a while. You know-coup d’état, as in “extra-legal” seizure of governmental power by a greedy elite that has been voted out of office…as in undermining we the people and our right to vote, as in harassing the President and repression against the “deplorables”…As in keeping the country in a limbo of fake allegations and stupid accusations to avoid accountability for their own inexcusable crimes.

The real scandal is that the ex–administration continues to usurp authority it has not been given by people; that national institutions are infested with traitors ready to trample the Constitution in their stampede to the trough.

If the Democratic Party,  for whatever reason decided to commit political suicide and announce to the world that their only ideology is sharing the wealth with a few cronies ,“by any means necessary” –that´s their business. However, they do not “own” America and their attempts to delegitimize legal processes should make the headlines of every self-respecting media as long as their delusions of grandeur threaten to send the entire country to hell.

As fabricated “scandals” go, it became apparent that hubris wiped out whatever traces of reality the Leftocrats and their court of media jesters claimed to cognize. Let´s put it this way: do not expect a parent who can´t afford medical treatment for a critically ill child to feel sorry for Hollywood star whose million dollars left buttock lift got botched. Do not expect a different “thank you for your term” salute that the one that our homeless Veterans have for misspeaking and misspending VA- ristocrats.

As for the “outrageous dismissal” of Comey, the real scandal is yet to come: let’s see what happens when “simple folks” learn how the Politburo harassed “simple folks” and what has been done to our freedom of speech. In the putsch bid the Left visibly patterns itself on Mark Geragos´ “voodoo investigation” which, in all fairness,  did score Scott Peterson a long “term” - life in prison.

I guess that seen from the point of view of someone who lives in a gated fortress, no borders (outside) it’s not such a bad idea, and if one’s armed body-guards have license to kill the Second Amendment (for folks)seems irrelevant. And yes, it’s the same sense of “reality” that leads to MSM propaganda and delusion that we the people can be sent to the planet “Bot” far away from our electoral choices, rights and freedom. I say – this is a real scandal.


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Joanna Rosamond is a Coach for high stress jobs, a consultant on PTSD and burnout. Joanna has 16 years of professional experience. Unconditional support for our soldiers and veterans.

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