Terror that is the basis for a Muslim sense of superiority. A Muslim sense of entitlement.

Refugees: Their Sense of Both Superiority and Entitlement

By —— Bio and Archives--October 10, 2015

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The well-spring of the millions and millions of so-called “refugees” currently invading Europe (excluding Russia of course) and demanding entry into other nations that fit into their desired pattern of those being dominated by the politically liberal left are not really motivated by an understandable fear of the civil war in Syria. Or the war being fought with the Kurds.  Or the war being prosecuted by ISIS and fighting both Iraqi and Iranian militias, with the current addition of Russian air and ground forces. 

Of course, listening to those who are among those on the extreme left, the real source of this “crisis” is the imperialistic behavior of the United States and Europe and their behavior vis-à-vis the Middle East and the rest of the Islamic world.


Considering that the behavior being demonstrated by the first wave of this tsunami of refugees, asylum seekers or migrants (according to some, and would-be immigrants according to others), fear does not seem to be their over-riding motivation.  If a person is running from and is truly afraid of a political power structure with its own military to enforce its will, one would doubt that protesting and making demands of whatever nation (with its own power structure and military) even before their arrival and acceptance in that new nation is not the behavior of a person truly in fear for their lives. 

Yet that is exactly what the world is seeing. 

Continuously overlooked are the feelings that have been engendered in the subconscious minds of each of these invaders by their early training and communal outlook on the world. 

Muslims seem to have only advanced since the 7th Century in terms of weapons used to impose their will upon others, whether those others were Muslim or not.  In almost every other aspect of life, not a lot has changed in the Islamic world.  Tribal allegiances remain paramount in building coalitions for national governments.  Inter-tribal agreements and alliances are subject to change and abrogation with little or no notice, with combat between former allies rapidly following.

Islamic treatment of women is similar to the treatment of outright slaves.  Slavery itself was only banned after years of pressure from America and European nations to eliminate the practice.  And yet, even today, ISIS for example still speaks openly about the taking of women from their enemies as sexual slaves.

They even refer to such captives as slaves, without even trying to soft-pedal the concept by using a more civilized sounding term such as prisoner, serf, hostage, or involuntary worker for instance.

Again, not much has changed in 1,400 years, since Mohammed the Prophet laid down what he viewed as allowable, or even admirable, behaviors in the Quran for all his followers. Beheading anyone who disagrees is a good example.  So is murdering your own child for acting somewhat rebelliously (like every teen no matter what their culture) in what they themselves refer to as “honor” killings. 

On the other side of the coin, there have been massive behavioral changes among the peoples of Europe, America and every nominally western nation, which are almost uniformly repugnant to Islam. 

“What behavioral changes”, you might ask. Well, to put it delicately, we have become more civilized, and less barbaric than we were 1,400 years ago.  Sadly, frustratingly, and dangerously, the loudest voices in Islam are fighting hard to maintain the level of barbarism that fed their sense of superiority engendered for a millennium and a half.  That barbarism, the one that led to slaughter, slavery, theft (although they refer to such theft as a tax or tribute), sexual abuse of children and so on, created and reinforced the view that they were, and still are, superior. 

So there is now a massive conflict of civilizations that is occurring in Europe.

Of course now, our president has declared cause of this immigration flood is because ISIS is peddling a “warped” interpretation of Islam. Unfortunately for the president, this “warped” view of Islam and its teachings, appears to be more than limited to those who are actively involved at the present time in Syria, Iran and Iraq providing the muscle against ISIS in combat roles.  The refugees who are flooding Europe at the present time also feel that they are superior. Or at least they want to feel superior to someone, or anyone for that matter. They can’t very well feel superior when they are being dominated in their home countries by ISIS.

Everything in their religious background reinforces their belief that not only are the “superior” to non-Muslims, they are “entitled” to reinforce that belief by using whatever violence will achieve the submission of infidels.

For the curious, that would be us, folks.

Regardless of the opinion of Barack Obama, terrorism is any behavior that creates terror in the hearts of their victims, not just blowing up airplanes.  Have a couple of violent, loud, out-of-control “protests” which bear a frightening resemblance to out-of-control riots you begin building that sense of terror, that sense that you are no longer in control of your own life.

Then move along to beheading of a few of your neighbors.

Move still further on to “grooming” pre-teens that will become sexual playthings for the more violent of these religious fanatics. Should a parent object to their daughter becoming groomed, all the devout Muslims involved in the grooming could threaten mom or dad, killed mom or dad, or kill the child being used for their sexual gratification. They don’t have to kill every mother, every father or every child. The word will get out quickly in the neighborhood. And based on what we’ve seen in Britain, the police will simply turn a blind eye to it all.

That is terror. Terror that is the basis for a Muslim sense of superiority. A Muslim sense of entitlement. When you can terrorize a people to the point where they give up even trying to defend their beliefs, their lives, their nations then you have won.  And telling them that you as the invader have a set of “laws” they can live with, and have their victims accept that lie, the victims have sealed their own doom.


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