Is this America?

Refusing Military Use of It,  Obama Violates First Amendment

By —— Bio and Archives--June 21, 2013

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The Family Research Council in Washington, DC publishes the Tony Perkins’ Washington Update online and in its June 13, 2013 article “Furloughing Faith” Perkins states that Obama knows he can’t outright veto the First Amendment to our United States Constitution, so he sneaks around it by refusing all military personnel their God given right to use it.

In the article referred to above, Perkins explains that Louisiana Representative John Fleming, Jr., a medical doctor and U. S. Navy veteran serving U. S. Marines at Camp Pendleton, CA had filed a religious freedom amendment with the U. S. House Armed Services Committee, which passed with bipartisan support. 

As Perkins stated, “Nothing about Fleming’s measure is controversial, unless you object to Americans’ rights as outlined by the U.S. Constitution.  In his (Obama’s) most combative move yet, the administration warned Congress yesterday that it strongly opposes” the Fleming amendment. 

Wouldn’t you agree that that action by the Obama Administration is a violation of the constitutional rights of American citizens and a flagrant abuse of treatment for our military forces?  Obama is obsessed with the idea that Christianity, the religion of choice for over 70 percent of Americans, must be precluded for any and all American military forces.

Perkins continues in his article, “The President thinks his troops should have to swallow their religious beliefs to serve. And to the delight of anti-Christian extremists, Obama’s Pentagon has spent the last several months muzzling—or worse, punishing—men and women of faith. From stripping Bibles off desks to crashing private parties, religion—and in particular Christianity—have become dirty words in the ranks.”

Funny, I haven’t seen or heard of any references to the curtailing or any punishing of any Islamic faith dissemination or out-callings.  Is Obama perhaps clearing the way for his favorite sounds in the early morning hours coming from an Islamic temple in every place where there is a military encampment?

Are we about to witness a military Commander in Chief, namely one Barack Hussein Obama, pretend president, pretend American citizen and pretend Christian advocate, take his personal vendetta against our country by as Mr. Perkins proclaims, “threatening to withhold a year’s worth of defense funding over a simple amendment protecting the same rights our troops fight for every day.?” 

It certainly seems so when Perkins says in his article:  “In a statement, the White House sent a chilling message to ALL Americans about their basic liberties: ‘The administration strongly objects to section 530, which would require the Armed Forces to accommodate, except in cases of military necessity, ‘actions and speech’ reflecting the ‘conscience, moral principles, or religious beliefs of the member.’ By limiting the discretion of commanders to address potentially problematic speech and actions within their units, this provision would have a significant adverse effect on good order, discipline, morale, and mission accomplishment.’”

Utterances such as that are strong reasons to believe that this Commander in Chief is planning an overall curtailment on all free speech by anyone in the military below the rank of CIC (Commander in Chief).  I hope those responsible for taking actions and gathering information for possible impeachment legal proceedings are taking note of this treasonous provision. This may be the impetus for the “chicken little” conduct of our high ranking military commanders of late. 

And just as I had been thinking about it, Perkins penned similar thoughts saying that the Obama Administration had been content merely to drive the faith issue quietly off the front burner by removing bibles and putting a hush on religious conversation have stepped up their crusade of anti-religion but now it seems to be the precursor to outright abandonment of religion and a rousing greeting to open homosexuality in the ranks.

Perkins also opined that “Congressman Fleming—like most members—was stunned at the commander-in-chief’s open hostility toward the proud tradition of faith in our fighting force. ‘That is an outrageous position,’ he told Fox News, ‘but it’s what I’ve come to expect from an administration that is aggressively hostile toward religious beliefs that it deems politically incorrect.’

How can American citizens allow these immoral and depraved decisions made by our country’s leader from the VERY TOP ELECTED OFFICE on down to be ORDERED into effect in ALL branches of our military services.  Homosexuality at a very minor percentage of our country’s citizens here in America is actually gaining an upper hand to the country’s percentage of conservative Christians that approaches THREE FOURTHS.  What can we do to WAKE UP those citizens that see no evil in what Obama is inflicting on our military? 

Troops Being Punished For Expressing Religious Faith

Perkins article says that the Pentagon, which insisted there was no conspiracy against Christians (despite a growing crackdown), will have a difficult time convincing people of that now.  FoxNews.com writer Todd Starnes wrote online on June 5, 2013 “Congressman: Troops Being Punished For Expressing Religious Faith” That would be Congressman Fleming, mentioned above in this column, told Fox News it appears that in some cases members of the U.S. military have been punished because of their religious faith. “There have been reports,” he said. “We don’t know how widespread it is.”

Todd Starnes article lists seven specific incidents where punishment was handed out to military members solely because of their religious faith. 

Is this still America?

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