The best he can do now for the country, and the justice system he claims to love – to mitigate the divisive damage that has already been done to America – is go home to Alabama and plant a garden

REPEAT: Trump should fire Attorney General Jeff Sessions

By —— Bio and Archives--May 19, 2018

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REPEAT: Trump should fire Attorney General Jeff Sessions
It’s been ten months since an article entitled “Trump should fire Attorney General Jeff Sessions” was posted here

A Google search for an earlier call for Sessions’ firing may have appeared elsewhere, but, if so, it’s hard to find.

Ten months ago, the case for replacing Sessions included these words:


“Sessions continues to engage the Left Stream Media and Democrat pols using the political equivalent of the 1865 Marquess of Queensberry rules for boxing. Unfortunately, his job as U.S. Attorney General calls more for the skills—to keep the pugilistic metaphor going—of an Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) contender.”


“Fact is, Sessions should have anticipated this outcome when he registered his recusal. He has served in D.C. long enough to know how the Swamp works. Apparently, he did not factor the consequences of an open-ended investigation into his recusal decision; nor, according to Trump, did he inform the President of his intention to recuse himself.”

In the last ten months the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of the U.S. Federal Government has been AWOL.

Not only has nothing changed concerning his lack of oversight with regard to how the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation look for something – anything – to hang Trump, his Department has serially stonewalled requests for information from House and Senate Committees concerning the Mueller “Investigation.”

With each passing month, the stonewalling becomes more in-your-face obvious.


All the while, the credibility of the federal justice system in the United States of America has suffered through a weekly erosion of citizen confidence – a dangerous consequence concerning of which Sessions appears to be oblivious. 

It’s clear that Jeff Sessions has been in D.C. long enough to become part of the Swamp. 

As the bogus premise of the Mueller “Investigation,” promoted by a liberal media advancing daily toward a deep state of anaphylactic mental shock, rolls on, it’s become apparent, to all but the never-Trump crowd, that this entire Russia Collusion Investigation is a fraud.

What was posted here ten months ago is a bill past due:

“If Sessions stays in the job, he should put a timetable on the Mueller investigation, giving it a deadline to yield proof of collusion. And, if the clock runs out and there is no proof of misconduct by the President, or anyone associated with him today, or in the past, Sessions should blow the whistle and end this silly game.”

Sessions stayed on the job. 

The clock ran out.

And he has no whistle. 

The best he can do now for the country, and the justice system he claims to love – to mitigate the divisive damage that has already been done to America – is go home to Alabama and plant a garden.


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