Hillary is always the victim

Report: Hillary blames loss on Obama more than Comey, Putin. Still no mention of blaming herself

By —— Bio and Archives--February 12, 2017

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Nothing is Hillary’s fault. Hillary is a victim. Hillary didn’t lose because she was the worst candidate in history, she lost because someone, or something, torpedoed her.  The face of the torpedo changes with the frequency of an infant’s diapers, but it’s always there - “the reason” Hillary lost.

The real reason, of course, is that Trump connected with middle-class working voters in a way Mrs. Clinton didn’t even attempt. She was brazen about the idea that she didn’t need those people to win, so she ignored them.  Trump capitalized and flipped the rust belt.

For a while it was James Comey’s decision to re-open the email investigation.

Then it was Russian hackers.

Sometimes it was “fake news.”

Now, according to a report over at Axios, she’s settled her anger upon one, last, target: former President Barack Obama.

The worst-kept secret inside Democratic circles is how bitter Hillary Clinton’s team is at President Obama over her election loss. We have heard from numerous, anguished people in Clinton-land blaming Obama—more than Putin, FBI Director James Comey or, um, Hillary herself—for the defeat.

The reason: Clintonites feel that if Obama had come out early and forcefully with evidence of Russian interference in the campaign, and perhaps quicker sanctions, she might be president today. His caution, they argue, allowed the public to have a foggy sense of clear, calculated, consistent Russian meddling in the campaign. We can’t stress enough how upset some Democrats are. It’s testing relationships between Clinton and Obama loyalists. It’s making efforts to form a new Trump opposition coalition harder.

How deranged does a person have to be in order to believe this?

That’s great news for anyone who’d like to see the Dems losing streak continue. But you have to wonder: How deranged does a person have to be in order to believe this?

Russia didn’t force Hillary to skip Michigan and Wisconsin for a trip to Arizona that her own advisors told her was a mistake. Russian hackers didn’t release the “why aren’t I 50points ahead” video. Shadowy Soviets were not responsible for her health issues, her stilted performances, her decades of corruption, or her disastrously wrong internal polling.  Vladimir Putin didn’t force the DNC to bury Bernie Sanders, write the “basket of deplorables” line, or order Clinton allies in the media to help Trump get the GOP nomination.

All of that is on Hillary and her campaign, yet they’re blaming Obama?  Insanity.

Remember, though, she’s the victim.



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