After they created this gravy train, do you think they are going to end the drain on the American Taxpayer? No way! They have no final destination in sight for their investigations and reports

Reports and Investigations

By —— Bio and Archives--June 17, 2018

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Reports and Investigations
The IG Report was anticipated to be one filled with chargeable offences that could be used to go after the people that have been doing things for years that were outside the law and not allowed by the Constitution.

What did we get? 500+ pages of “no bias was found” and other things that implied that it was looking for misdeeds but all they could think about was “bias”??? Is this another type of “pulling the race card” — another way of saying that no racism was found? This is the kind of logic used by the “race card puller” people in government and in the Media.


And then we find that the IG and Comey are friends! With this, you have to wonder if Comey drafted or edited the IG Report because it hints that the same language found was used in both the IG Report and Comey’s “exoneration” of Hillary’s use of a private server. OR, and this is also possible, did the IG/Horowitz make up both the report AND the script of Comey’s Hillary exoneration? Remember, they are friends!

First we lose faith in the FBI, or at least the FBI’s leadership, and now we lose faith in the Department of Justice to give a true and honest response to the facts (and only the facts). The response we got was using flowery words inherently designed to prepare a golden path of retreat for the miscreants. This is very much like Saul Alinsky’s teachings about distraction and obfuscation.

The big question that Comey and his ilk need to ask themselves is: what options are they leaving Conservatives and people who identify with true Republicanism (not those Republicans in Name Only)...?

Comey and his gang apparently believe that although we are a nation of laws, those laws do not apply to them. However, they ignore that “The Law” is set up to work for us all and if it does not work correctly, drastic action may well be the order of the day — and as soon as possible!

The law today is what Comey et al have made it and if the Attorney General is not taking this into consideration along with the fact that he also is under the Constitution to do what is right, and he does not do it, then that same Constitution condemns him as well as Comey and his cohorts.

The next days or short weeks had better produce some good results for the people because the nation is wising up to the shenanigans of the Left and the tolerance for them is at the breaking point. We are to turn the other cheek, per moral decree, but we are not asked to allow that other cheek to be hit. This is to allow time for someone to regret an action and make amends. However, the nation’s “other cheek” has been turned and it has been hit repeatedly and nothing has been done about it. The Left no doubt cackles with joy to think that they are getting away with it or, at least, delaying the same justice that is supposed to serve us all. More Alinsky.

Is it too much to ask for and expect that Congress do what they were elected to do, setting aside their individual agendas, to stop/correct the damage being made to the country? Why are questions of Land Management more important than Nation Management? Also, why is Congress, as a group, ignoring their collective duty? Is it strictly a matter of leadership? Is there no way for those in Congress to realize that if they do not stand up and act dutifully and honorably, their raison d’être is going to be scrutinized? If they ignore this, they will be found short in their bid for existential justification when election time rolls around!

America has had enough! It’s time for action sufficient to bring America back to her original path and stop with the excuses and stop with things that benefit only a select inside few.

The national motto is: “In God We Trust” — and there is good reason for this. Little argument is found for it except from those relatively few who have no God but themselves. However, must we keep emphasizing that we are also given by the founders and the Constitution that America is also “Of, By and For the People” and this is important to us as a sovereign nation?

When some Americans put themselves first and decide to personally benefit from being Americans to the exclusion of others, these are renegades to the idea of the founders and to the spirit of the Constitution. When some people in politics are in a position of influencing the lives of We the People at large and do not do it, they need to be isolated and face legal charges for attempting to dismantle government and/or lead America down a path that is in opposition to national objectives based on the Constitution.

The President is sometimes challenged about some action he visualizes or has planned and he says, “Wait and see.” We have waited for many things, the IG Report being one of them. We were misled to believe it was going to be the answer to many political problems we have faced for decades. Holding our collective breath with anticipation, we were near the point of explosion. Then the Report came out and it wandered through a maze that would send a wordsmith into ecstasy. Typical of a legal document, it presents so many things for lawyers who can and will spend months telling us what the report actually means. In some places, the wording is even possibly designed with wording to provide conflicting definitions depending on the mindset of a particular lawyer.

The IG Report reminds me of an old Church Convention that dated back to the late 1800s. At the end, the booklet gave advice to anyone wanting to draw up a personal will. It ended with: “Say what you want simply and without elaboration; anything you say beyond this will only lead to lawyers talking about it and delay any action.” Even back then they knew how lawyers operate. Why do they study Latin, then? It’s so they can know more meanings for English words and, where they think it will win a case, those words can be bent/twisted to serve their purpose, whatever that is. Are all lawyers bad? No, and as long as we have laws, they are needed. But just like used car salesmen, there are good ones and there are bad ones.

The IG Report was not written for We the People. It was written for those in Washington and is also going to serve as a distraction from immediate action as they take it apart and attempt to reassemble it in a useful and workable way to correct the ship of state. This will be done in a way that it will take months to do. It will allow elections to come and go and with so much time to pass that the criminals such a report could identify will be long gone from prosecution. In the law, there is a window of time feature and this allows some crimes to move to being “outside the [time] limits of prosecution” or words to that effect. If enough time passes, many perpetrators can no longer be charged with a crime.

Not only do we spend millions of Dollars on a Mueller “investigation,” we also spent millions of Dollars on this IG Report. Never fear, however, the expense is going to continue with the Mueller thingy and it will also continue with IG Reports because more are promised.

After they created this gravy train, do you think they are going to end the drain on the American Taxpayer? No way! They have no final destination in sight for their investigations and reports. The political schemes are working too well for them to want them to end.

It’s time for people to put down their remotes and get busy caring about the country’s destination. Now! If not, people will someday look around and say, “What just happened?” It may well be too late by then, though, to do more than ask the question. If the question had been asked sooner and in time, the answer would be that they needed to get involved and force their Representatives in Congress to do the jobs they were elected by the people to do. If this does not indeed happen, even now, then drastic action must take place or it’s all over for us as a nation. There are no other alternatives.


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Mr. Lunsford is a retired DoD telecommunications engineer, linguist and world traveler now living in eastern Kentucky. Still active in radio communications, he has several books copyrighted, one of which is now in final process of publication. He is politically motivated and, as much as possible, politically active.

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