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Republican opportunities we can jump on right now

By —— Bio and Archives--May 30, 2017

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I spoke at an event last Saturday for Michael McNeely, who is a candidate to be chairman of the Georgia Republican Party. The election by party delegates will be held on June 3 in Augusta.

This election has national significance in that the Georgia Republican Party chairman (or chairwoman) is one of the three Georgia representatives on the Board of the Republican National Committee.

I had met with Michael before the event, and had asked him why he wanted to be chairman. He said the party has significant opportunities in messaging, party unity and grassroots involvement.

Republican accomplishments

Boom! I asked him, aren’t those the same three opportunities for the RNC? He said absolutely yes! The conversation unfolded like a well packed blanket from that point on. He nailed it in my mind.

One of the activists who attended the event supporting Michael asked about Republican accomplishments during this session of Congress. He asked because the people in his county of Georgia couldn’t articulate a few crisp accomplishments when talking to potential supporters.

I said, first, passage of 11 of 14 Congressional Review Act resolutions to roll back regulations that hurt businesses and people unnecessarily. In contrast, none were passed during the anti-business Obama Administration.

Second, the Republican-led Congress passed the American Health Care Act. Many people do not know how significant this is, nor do they understand how it works, because of the constant false criticism of the AHCA by Democrats and the liberal media. The attitude of the Republican-controlled Senate that they will write their own version of “repeal and replace” is also a distraction from the significance of the House’s AHCA.

Those two accomplishments alone are huge!

The Democrats and liberals aren’t just political opponents anymore

The bottom line is poor messaging by the Republicans in Congress and the RNC, even to its own activist supporters. Therein lies a huge opportunity for the Georgia Republican Party, the RNC and the Republican members of Congress.

The media noise from Democrats and the liberal media is drowning out our message. Our accomplishments as a party will not spread naturally. That’s why we must be more proactive with messaging, because we are not going to get any help from our enemies!

The Democrats and liberals aren’t just political opponents anymore, because they want to destroy Republicans and President Trump at all costs. Even if it means ignoring what’s good for the nation.

Republican Party unity is another big opportunity. Too many Republicans in Congress can’t resist expressing their opinions opposing the Party’s leadership or another Republican before the ink is dry, or before a piece of legislation has even been hammered out.


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Republican Party’s messaging gets through the liberal media’s attacks

There’s an old saying. If you don’t have something good to say, shut up!

If the Republican Party’s messaging gets through the liberal media’s attacks, and highly visible Republican voices show some discretion when they open their mouths, party activists will have positive results to talk about, be more inspired, and feel more connected to the good things happening in our Republican-led government.

The Democrats and their liberal media allies are making the most noise, but conservatives and Republicans can continue to achieve the most results.


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