This narrative must begin with Republicans as the Party of Growth and Prosperity

Republicans—show us the way

By —— Bio and Archives--August 22, 2013

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Obama has given us slow economic growth, overwhelming debt, high unemployment, and a record of disrespect from countries across the globe. Democrats sputter from one distraction to another, never staying long enough to accomplish anything or to be held accountable for any results.


Meanwhile Democrats are successfully painting Republicans as the Party of Obstruction, stopping any progress on any issue. I am already getting a sinking feeling about the 2014/2016 elections as Republicans haggle over who and what they stand for. If Republicans can’t define themselves as the Party of Growth and Prosperity to contrast to Obama’s disastrous record and to offer a rescue back to Constitutional sanity, Republicans will again stay home and the elections are already lost!

The key void that Republicans must fill is to create a positive marketing narrative that will carry the party through the next elections.

This narrative must begin with Republicans as the Party of Growth and Prosperity that best represents the middle class! Democrats really represent their ruling elite and their captive dependency class. Republicans must stop catering to Democrat victim classes, but instead redefine the electorate as a continuum of voters who progress across the economic spectrum from poor, to middle class, to rich: from dependent children, to new adults, small business owners, families, business workers, entrepreneurs, and eventually retired senior citizens. Instead of pandering to the Democrat permanent poverty class, government safety nets must be positioned as a key government program that delivers a temporary stop until individuals can rejoin the work force as productive citizens. The biggest challenge is personalizing the narrative in storylines, translating concepts like limited government and free markets into grassroots impacts such as less regulation, lower taxes, and growing businesses and how that impacts their personal lives for the better. Democrats are famous for talking a good story, but running from results; so Republicans must set themselves apart by stressing accountability which will be disastrous for the Democrats in general and President Obama’s abysmal performance in particular.

Republicans “talk the talk” on the campaign trail, but in recent history they have not proposed ideas that “walk the walk,” embodying the principles they espouse. America is desperate for political leadership: someone who understands their problems, knows how to solve their problems, and is willing to commit to deliver desired results. If the federal government is exceeding its Constitutional limits, what parts of the government (ie: Federal Reserve, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Amtrak, etc.) should be privatized or devolved to the states? If the government is too big, what departments (ie: Education, Energy, Transportation, etc.) should be shut down? If the government spends too much, what specific programs should be cut (UN, EPA, Agriculture subsidies, etc.)? If taxes are too high, how should they be changed (flat tax, fair tax, etc.)? Proposals must always be principle based, then translated into impacts that grass roots Americans can identify with and understand their own personal impact. Considering the scope to these needed changes, Republicans should demonstrate that they understand the sheer magnitude of the challenge ahead and lay out a plan how these changes would progress through their new Republican administration.

Democrats have had the Senate since 2007 and the Presidency since 2009, and they have made the economy worse, increased unemployment, and destroyed our reputation abroad. Democrats and President Obama must be held personally accountable for the results of their policies (good and bad). Now is the time for Republicans to start selling themselves as the Party of Growth and Prosperity, a change that has been missing for years. Republicans must begin with a positive vision for the future that describes the positive changes under Republican policies, and how it contrasts to the socialist end state that Democrats have been pursuing for the last five years (or 100 years depending how you count). The next milestone should be an April 15, 2014 TEA Party Anniversary Rally on the Washington Mall to reinforce the partnership between the Tea Party and the Republican Party and kick off the efforts to recapture the federal government from the Democrat poseurs. Wouldn’t it be nice if Republicans began this campaign with some ambitious goals, for example: grow the GDP by 4% annually with 4% of GDP set aside for national defense, decrease unemployment to 5%, putting people back to work and decreasing welfare by 10%, decrease foreign aid and support for the UN by 10% per year, and replace the federal income tax with a fair, consumption tax? Now that is change I can believe in!


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Dave Coughlin recently retired from IBM after 31 years. He is now a political pundit who manages his web site “Return to Common Sense” and is an active member of the White Plains Tea Party. He was educated at West Point (Bachelor of Science, 1971) and the University of Alabama in Huntsville (Masters, Administrative Science, 1976). He currently resides with his wife in Hawthorne, NY.

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