We are on the precipice of a Civil War and, if we are not careful, the degradation of the very fabric of our republic

Response to a Trump Hater

By —— Bio and Archives--June 27, 2017

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Not long ago, an old friend texted me her thoughts on President Trump.  She felt that he should immediately be impeached for the following reasons: he was a dictator, he colluded with Russia, that he tampered with the FBI investigation, he has practiced gross misconduct and that he is a “dumba”. Furthermore, Obama put stuff in place during his administration for the good of our country and now we are spending tax dollars undoing these things, which proves President Trump thinks it’s his country not everyone else’s.  Finally she felt Trump is grossly inappropriate, short tempered, off the wall, unrealistic, unreliable, untruthful, uncouth, a big baby, racist and stupid.  She felt that if only I would watch “The Real News” (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, Headline News, MSNBC, etc.), I would know the “truth”.

Although my friend is well meaning, she has been swept into nothing less than an attempted soft coup of a duly elected president by the very swamp he has promised to drain.  Aside from the fact that most of these charges are not impeachable and, the rest have little or no proof, that level of hate is tremendously common among Liberals and is extremely dangerous.  Why is it so terribly dangerous?  This level of hate is used to justify crimes such as the 30 GOP Congressmen that have been attacked or threatened since May or the shooting of the GOP whip Steve Scalise, which would even bring our republic to its knees.


Let me explain.  When Loretta Lynch calls for blood in the streets,  Hillary called Trump voters a basket of deplorables, “five 5 Washington Post writers liken Trump to Hitler,”, 11 Hollywood stars have talked about violence against Trump,  the Julius Caesar character in a NY play shows the live bloody killing of a Trump stand-in or Kathy Griffin holds up a mock bloody severed head of President Trump’s, you dehumanize the enemy.  This dehumanization presents Trump and his supporters as a clear and present danger to the Liberals and the world they desire.  Once Trump and his supporters are seen as “less that human”, it becomes more acceptable and even justifiable for increased violence and even killings in the name of helping your cause.  The genocide of the Jews during WWII is an excellent example of these phenomena.

From the moment Trump announced his candidacy to drain the swamp; he has been attacked by Liberals, establishment GOP, the media, Hollywood, the Deep State and elites worldwide.  Once duly elected, they have worked to at least obstruct his agenda and hopefully have him and his administration impeached or driven from office.  The List Of Attacks Against Conservatives Is Mind Blowing, check out the Anti-Trump Hate Map as well.  Let’s look at some examples of this lunacy.

On college campuses, conservatives are branded as fascists, their speech considered hateful and therefore not covered by the first amendment.  Multiple conservative speakers have been shouted down or not allowed to speak at all. Safe spaces are almost exclusively places for Liberals to avoid conservative speech.  As a result, violence and riots have prevented conservative voices on campuses and Trump supporters have been beaten and stabbed.  This is especially sad since colleges are supposed to be bastions of free speech to nurture the minds of the young.  However, colleges have become the breeding grounds for the radical actions now permeating our country.

The most dangerous of all is the Main Stream Media that my friend calls “The Real News”.  The media was always bias but with Obama they became openly supportive of his administration.  Enter Trump and they seem to spend every waking moment trying to destroy him with published leaks, untruths and the prolific use of unnamed sources.  Here are several articles that describe Press Fake Stories and How fake news gets made

Just 7 percent of journalists are Republicans and of the independents that choose a side, Democrats outnumber Republicans 4 to 1.  It’s almost impossible to not have your political leaning show through in your reporting.  President Trump has received by far the most hostile press treatment of any incoming American president, with the broadcast networks punishing him with coverage that has been 89% negative.  However, Obama’s first 100 days were overwhelmingly positive.  If we can’t get unbiased news then all we are getting is the versions “the powers that be” wish to give us.  As Vladimir Lenin said “A lie told often enough becomes truth”

Leaks have been constant since Trump’s election from what is termed the “Deep State” bent on keeping elitists from both parties in power.  However illegal, there is little concern as to how dangerous those leaks are to the security of our country.

In the closing days of his administration, Obama hired a much larger number of Federal employees into permanent positions than past presidents.  Not surprisingly the “deep state” leakers at the Justice Department, where 97% donated to Hillary Clinton if they made donations as compared to only 3% to Trump, has gone on endlessly.  It seems the only thing that wasn’t leaked was that Trump wasn’t under investigation by Comey.

The deep state unmasked Trump administration folks even though it’s often illegal. Two Democratic members of Congress even launched a taxpayer-funded, official government website to show federal employees how to leak government information to the media.

Now we have nearly 200 Democrat congressmen suing Trump for accepting foreign payments through businesses,  yet President Barack Obama earned over $10 million from international book sales while president.  Also George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and James Monroe all got foreign money from their businesses.  None of these were questioned or sued except, of course, President Trump.

Due in part to Comey’s leaked memo, a special council was appointed to look into Russian collusion between President Trump and the Russians.  This was done even though the CIA, FBI, Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif, the ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., who serves on the Senate Judiciary and Intelligence committees all said they saw no evidence of collusion.  Mueller has been given so much latitude he has already moved from Russian Collusion that has no proof, to obstruction of Justice.  Since Mueller was hired by Comey and the two have been friends for nearly 15 years, Mueller should recuse himself for conflict of interest

Sadly, my friend will be happy to know, it’s pretty likely someone will be indicted before the investigation is over.  If these investigations look long enough they will catch someone misstating a fact and get charged with lying under oath or obstruction of justice.  For example, the Ken Star’s probe of Clinton started with Whitewater and ended with Bill Clinton lying under oath.  Scooter Libby was indictment based on contradictions in his Grand Jury testimony, based on memories of conversations that occurred two years ago.

In closing,  let me site two experiments that show how apt people are to abuse power (Deep State) or follow authoritarian figures, regardless of its truth or civility.  The Stanford prison experiment setup a mock prison with some subjects as guards and other prisoners. Some participants developed their roles as the guards and enforced authoritarian measures and ultimately subjected some prisoners to psychological torture.  In the Milgram Experiment, authoritative figures convinced test subjects to inflict pain on another person even though they would normally never have done it.

When we have a press that so wish to impose their beliefs on the people instead of fairly reporting the news, we can no longer trust anything they have to say.  When movie stars and politicians openly call for rebellion in the street and even the killing of the President, we are losing our republic.  My friend is indirectly supporting the elites that so wish to control our lives and remove our freedoms.  We are on the precipice of a Civil War and, if we are not careful, the degradation of the very fabric of our republic.


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