They aren’t interested in being civil, they don’t care about “reaching across the aisle,” and they have no interest in “working together.” They simply want revenge

Ruben Gallego: (D-AZ): Repubs are ‘cowards’ and ‘we’re 60 days from totally kicking the s**t’ out of them

By —— Bio and Archives--September 17, 2018

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Ruben Gallego: Repubs are 'cowards', 'we’re 60 days from totally kicking the s**t' out of them
Remember Arizona Democrat Rep. Ruben Gallego?  He’s the guy who famously threatened that ICE agents would “not be safe when the worm turns” and Democrats re-take control of the government. He’s also referred to the President as a psychopath, and has called for Democrats to be even less civil toward Republicans.


He’s what you might call “a real piece of work.”

Unfortunately, like Maxine Waters, he’s an honest Democrat – at least in so much as he’s willing to say the things they all think. He’s one of the few people on the left who are either too dumb, or too angry, to maintain the standard genial pretense. So, he’s someone who bears watching.

After all, he’s willing to say things like this:

“Guy, guys, and ladies – We are less than 60 days from totally kicking the # out of the Republicans And I’m not just talking in the blue districts. I’m not just talking the fight in the 28 where they’re always fighting. I’m talking we’re gonna win here in Chandler. We’re gonna win Oro Valley. We’re gonna win in Chino Valley. We’re gonna win in anything that has a valley. We are going to win and turn this state blue.”

Classy.  He should have thrown a Howard Dean scream in there.  Gallego went on to say that “Republicans are cowards.”

“…So every day we are out there, we have to fight. We have to fight ‘cause Republicans are cowards and they’re gonna continue to be cowards. We have to fight because it’s only us that will fight for everyday Americans.”

I say this a lot, but remember: When they show you who they are, when they reveal their rage and their contempt, believe them. They aren’t interested in being civil, they don’t care about “reaching across the aisle,” and they have no interest in “working together.”

They simply want revenge.


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