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Rubio: What we need right now is a military coup in Venezuela

By —— Bio and Archives--February 12, 2018

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Rubio: What we need right now is a military coup in Venezuela
Marco Rubio is much better on foreign policy than he is on economic policy, if only because he represents a state that hates all the right dictators. Nicolas Maduro is uniquely easy to pick out as a ruthless, tyrannical dirtbag. But we don’t deduct points from your correctness score just because there are times when getting it right is like shooting fish in a barrel.

Rubio took to Twitter late last week to urge Venezuela’s military to take down Maduro himself. Maduro tends not to like it when Americans say things like that. We tend not to care. We’re with Rubio on this one:

The Florida senator, who has been an outspoken critic of the government of President Nicolas Maduro, said on Twitter that the world would support the country’s armed forces “if they decide to protect the people and restore democracy by removing a dictator.”

That tweet did not mention the Venezuelan president by name. But it came just before another one that said that soldiers eat out of garbage cans and their families go hungry while Maduro and his friends “live like kings” amid the economic collapse in the South American country.

Later, he quoted the revered 18th century Venezuelan leader Simon Bolivar and the American Declaration of Independence in a flurry of tweets advocating the right to rise up against oppressive government.

Rubio, a Florida Republican, represents thousands of people who moved to his state to escape crime, economic deprivation and unrest under Maduro and his predecessor, the late Hugo Chavez. The senator was the main driver of sanctions against top level officials for human rights abuses and ties to drug trafficking. He was also behind an Oval Office visit for the wife of detained opposition activist Leopoldo Lopez at the start of the Trump presidency.

The evil of the Maduro regime goes well beyond even what Rubio has summarized here. They’ve completely looted and laid waste to the nation’s rich oil resources, to the point where there is no longer even the capacity to drill the oil even if it would bring prosperity to the general population, which it would not. One of the country’s few growth industries is kidnapping, which has forced Venezuelan major leaguers like Miguel Cabrera to pay protection money to keep his relatives safe.

Political dissidents are jailed, or worse. The people can’t get their basic needs met because there is a shortage of goods, to the point where they’re raiding trucks carrying live chickens to get food. The duly elected legislature has virtually no power because Maduro has his handpicked Supreme Court sideline it whenever he feels like it.

The people of Venezuela got fooled by Hugo Chavez into electing this regime, and they are responsible for their mistake. But they don’t deserve to suffer this much as the consequence, and Nicolas Maduro doesn’t deserve to spend one more day enjoying the trappings of power while his people live in squalor.

So yes, take him out. And if more American officials signal a desire for this, maybe Venezuela’s military leaders will figure out that they would have a useful ally to the north if only they would decide to do what’s necessary to free their country from the system Bernie Sanders would have implemented in America.

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