There is much to be learned from the Dreyfus Affair to better understand the FBI Russia Collusion investigation

Russia Collusion Inquisition is French Dreyfus Affair in Reverse

By —— Bio and Archives--March 12, 2018

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Russia Collusion Inquisition is French Dreyfus Affair in Reverse
The currently unfolding FBI special prosecutor investigation into the alleged collusion of Pres. Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign with Russia is a replay of the Dreyfus Affair that gripped France from 1894 to 1905, only reversing the roles of opposing parties.

What was the “Dreyfus Affair”? The Dreyfus Affair was the mass hysteria of an entire nation resulting from the French military intelligence service wrongly framing a Jewish lieutenant in the French army for treason. Sound familiar? It is the closest historical analogue to the current Russia Collusion Hysteria being conducted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller in an attempted coup to bring down Donald Trump. Only in the current inquisition the opposing parties are in reverse roles. In France it was the conservative military, the Catholic Church, French aristocratic Royalists, and the working class who imprisoned an innocent man for ten years in rapidly globalizing France.


In America it is the liberal politicized FBI and CIA, the Democratic Party, the mainstream media, Never Trumpers and the Intellectual Class that is desperately trying to find a way to criminalize Trump and impeach him, if not imprison him, in a de-globalizing world.

Here is how historian Robert Lynn Fuller in his book “The Origin of the French Nationalist Movement” describes France in the late 1890s and early 1900s leading up to the Dreyfus Affair:

“Poor France. By the opening of the twentieth century her condition had sunk to such a low the nation was no longer recognizable as the France that had for centuries been the cultural center of Europe and had preoccupied the minds of kings and their ministers ever there were kings to fret about France. This once-proud nation had been overrun by foreigners who mercilessly exploited her rich resources and native industry. Foreign workers stole the jobs of hard-working and honest French men and women who asked only to be allowed to toil in their own land for a decent living. The government had fallen into the hands of a cabal of swindlers with a single goal: to bankrupt the state so that foreign and Jewish bankers and speculators could enrich themselves and their corrupt servants. The universities had become captive to a strange breed of aliens who used them to serve these foreign and Jewish masters. These secretive conspirators worked hand in hand with collectivist revolutionary socialists to ruin French industry and commerce, and to reduce all French men and women to slavery….The foreign policy of France was controlled by crooked anti-French cosmopolitans who strove to advance the interest of France’s enemies, above all England. In order to achieve this conquest, the foreigners, speculators, Jews, Protestants and France-hating Frenchmen first had to neutralize the French army, which alone could save France from ruination. However, by 1902 the army was nearly prostrate, demoralized, stripped of her best commanders, starved for funds, and infested by an internal corps of spies serving the Masons. France had not been reduced to such a depraved state since the Hundred Years War…”

Does this sound similar to the situation preceding the rise of Trump’s “America First” movement and his opposition’s manufactured “New Red Scare”? The Dreyfus Affair was the first politicized media spectacle of a political trial by modern mass media (followed by the Scopes Trial, Sacco & Vanzetti, Alger Hiss and the “Pumpkin Papers” of Whittaker Chambers, Watergate, Clarence Thomas scandal, OJ Simpson trial, etc.). Such high profile politicized media trials are attempts to “resist” and reverse, or legitimize, radical social change and criminalize highly visible opposition leaders.

The Dreyfus Affair’s Christopher Steele

Christopher Steele is a former British intelligence officer with the Soviet Intelligence Service who authored a dossier that alleged Russia collected a file of compromising information on US President Donald Trump during the 2016 election. In September 2015, the conservative Washington Free Beacon newspaper funded by never-Trumper Bill Kristol, retained the services of Fusion GPS to conduct opposition research on Republican Party candidates. The Hillary Clinton Campaign and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) also hired the firm. Fusion GPS then retained Steele to investigate (or invent) Trump’s Russia-related activities. In the Dreyfus Affair, Charles Esterhazy played a similar role to Christopher Steele.

Charles Esterhazy, an officer in the French Army counter-intelligence service who was a spy for the German Empire, instigated the Dreyfus Affair; but perhaps he was also a double agent.  He was promoted to the rank of officer based on nepotism. He often was absent from his army regiment and lived a life as a con man and impersonator who squandered other people’s money. Esterhazy was a gambler, petit larcenist of his uncle’s inheritance and his wife’s estate and always desperate for money. ¬†He supplied the anti-Semitic newspaper La Libre Parole (“Free Speech”) with information in return for money (the French equivalent of the Washington Free Beacon).

Esterhazy had scraps of shredded paper planted in a wastebasket at the German Embassy in Paris that purported to be confidential French military information written by an unsigned French army officer. He apparently paid a French cleaning lady to discover the papers whereupon they were brought to the French equivalent of the FBI.


Dreyfus was framed as the author of the papers (called bordereau) apparently in order to retaliate against the takeover of French government and culture by a globalist political regime. The military was the only bastion of traditional France remaining. Esterhazy’s deception was the only opportunity the military, Catholics and the working class could find to “resist” the new globalist social order .

Most of the books on the Dreyfus Affair are by paranoid-like Jewish intellectuals who understandably attribute its sole cause to anti-Semitism. However, as historian Robert Fuller points out above, the framing of Dreyfus reflected the opposition to the takeover of the French economy by international bankers; the replacement of Catholicism by anti-Catholic Masons, Protestants and the Intellectual Class; the closing of Catholic monasteries at gunpoint; and government defunding of Catholic schools and the patriotic military.  The motivation for the framing of Lt. Dreyfus was not solely anti-Semitic but anti-British, anti-Protestant, anti-Alsatian and anti-intellectual as well; but more importantly, it was anti-globalist. Anti-Semitism was not the core motivation of the Dreyfus Affair any more than White Nationalism or Evangelicalism is behind the Trump movement. This is not to deny the fact that contemporary France has an Anti-Semitism problem.

There is much to be learned from the Dreyfus Affair to better understand the FBI Russia Collusion investigation. The best book in understanding the relevance of the Dreyfus Affair is by Catholic novelist Piers Paul Read, The Dreyfus Affair and Jewish historian Ruth Harris’ Dreyfus: Politics, Emotion and the Scandal of the Century (National Jewish Book Award Winner).


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