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Russian honeymoon connection—Sanders-inspired Capitol ‘baseball shooter’

By —— Bio and Archives--June 15, 2017

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There may be another definition of ‘Sandinista,’ members of the socialist Nicaraguan party who deposed Anastasio Somoza in the 1979 coup—that is, a follower of Vermont’s favorite son, Bernie Sanders. Tongue-in-cheek as this may sound in light of the devastating Alexandria, VA shooting that has left Representative Steve Scalise of Louisiana in critical condition, the contact was real. Sanders went out of his way to attend the Sandinista regime’s sixth anniversary in the architypal banana republic.

Yet, as Congressional democrats scramble to find any link to Russia, they conveniently overlook the one that smacks of credibility—Bernie Sanders.1

It may have been 1988 when Sanders flew off to Yaroslavl, Russia in the old Soviet Union with his new bride and a contingent of ten from Burlington, Vermont where he was mayor, but his contacts have continued far into the new millennium. Of any of the Trump campaign staff and friends, none have friends or cohorts in Russia. Congress’ snipe hunt has come up empty except for sympathizers from the left (Clinton and Sanders) who are conveniently given a pass for the fact that they are associated with the democrat party.

Sanders’ honeymoon junket was given short shrift during the 2016 campaign as irrelevant, however the political grandstanding the Senate calls an investigation into a Trump collusion with Russian officials seems to be never-ending, no matter how nonexistent is the evidence. The former presidential candidate may have pooh-poohed any affinity for the USSR’s healthcare and housing models at the time, but his constant call for free college tuition, healthcare, abortion, etc. should be a reminder of his self-declared socialist ties.

It is this socialism that drew the fanatical campaign support of Wednesday’s heinous baseball shooter who purposely targeted republican members of Congress in his evident quest to decimate the number of Trump’s agenda-backers on Capitol Hill. Not an idle statement as three congressmen attested to the perpetrator’s asking specifically who was practicing on the baseball diamond. Upon receiving a corroborated answer from all queried that it was manned by republicans and not democrats, he opened fire with an SKS 7.62 rifle, spraying the field with anywhere from 50 to 100 rounds.

The outcome of the morning’s carnage is one dead assailant (a virulent anti-Trump ‘Sandinista’ from Illinois with a history of criminal violence who posted more than one social media threat against the president) and five injured among whom Rep. Scalise and a Mike Mika are still fighting for their lives.

Intransigent vitriol from Congress’ democrat side of the aisle is a burr under the progressives’ saddle, feeding the hatred that’s spurring violence against any conservative speech or action. It isn’t a far leap from Hillary and crew’s entrenched “resistance” talk that emboldens Soros-backed antifa savagery against peaceful Trump supporters and, finally, encourages disaffected or psychotic leftists to stage turkey shoots against known republicans.

The June 14 assault on republicans practicing for the annual charity ballgame had to be premeditated. From the Facebook postings on the shooter’s page dating back to March 2017, and that he had been camping out in a white van in the D.C. area for some weeks, indicates he’d been contemplating some kind of aggression.

Whether he expected to survive his planned onslaught may never be known, but what, at this point, appears likely is that he was inspired by the constant barrage of hateful rhetoric against a sitting president. The depiction of Donald Trump’s dismembered head a la ISIS and staged assassination in Central Park are lionized by liberals in an effort to normalize contempt for the president. It is within these boundaries that the media and liberals are manufacturing excuses for the criminal and murderous activities of unbalanced individuals.

More is to be revealed regarding the baseball shooter and his deranged motivation for gunning down republicans like “sitting ducks” according to Senator Rand Paul who witnessed the assault from the batting cage. What is incontrovertible is that the recalcitrant left is refusing to back down from their venomous, false accusations against conservatives for Russian collusion and hate speech which is perpetually coming from the left.

After more than a year of the FBI sifting through nothing it’s no surprise that nothing has been produced. While democrats insist on continuing baseless investigations that only serve as a platform to make vicious allegations, the nation languishes under increasingly vile attacks on any thoughtful person weighing simple facts. Providing a fitting understanding of what’s occurring is this—“The heart of the righteous studieth to answer: but the mouth of the wicked poureth out evil things.”2 And it is the torrent of “evil things” spilling from the left that’s enflaming evil actions. If they will not desist in their “resistance,” then more unfounded, divisive violence can be expected.

Gun owners—make sure you’re packing. You may need the protection.

  1. Always at the forefront, the reminder of the real Russian connection came from our researcher Toddy Littman and the original Tea Party Founder Dale Robertson.
  2. Proverbs 15:28

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