The retiring of 43 representatives assists the conservative goal of replenishing, refurbishing and renewing this nation

Ryan going home spells hope for the GOP

By —— Bio and Archives--April 13, 2018

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A NEW DAWN: Ryan going home spells hope for the GOP
The RNC response to Paul Ryan deciding to leave the House and return to Wisconsin is upside-down. RNC Spokesperson Kayleigh McEnany, appearing on Fox Business April 12, 2018, noted that with Ryan’s departure another aisle straddler should take the speakership if republicans retain the majority in the House.

She got it wrong.


More than 40 republican representatives have decided not to seek re-election in 2018 and this spells, not disaster for the GOP, but hope and why another fencesitter isn’t necessary in the office of Speaker of the House. It’s also a potent argument for not replacing Ryan before November because that’s exactly what we’ll get if another takes the speakership while the RINO arm of the party is still strong.

President Trump has a real agenda to advance the American economy that has been only partially implemented by establishment toads more interested in keeping a safe seat in Congress. The solution to the problem is staring conservatives in the face while democrats crow about an expected “blue wave” and the GOP prays for another Paul Ryan, as McEnany said.

Much as I hate to burst the establishment bubble, another conciliatory leader is not the answer.

Then what is? Filling those vacant seats with forty-plus solidly conservative thinkers, men and women who are firm supporters of the renewal of the American brand of exceptional liberty that fuels successful commerce.

Getting the tax cut bill through Congress was a squeaker because not a single democrat had the chutzpah to step off the socialist plantation and support what many knew was good for the nation. It was a party line split as is everything now in Washington… and this is where the retiring republicans have created an unequalled opportunity for Americans. It requires the mobilization of the grassroots at an even higher level than they came out for Donald Trump.

Every talking head in the media likes to bark about the split in the republican party, gleefully noting how the democrats manage to bludgeon their members into submission to their dismal, dank world vision that could be described as an ever-creeping bog of corruption overtaking the body of the People, wholly and individually.

Here’s where opportunity knocks. There is absolutely no reason to accept Congress’ poor performance as the status quo and equally no reason to throw in the towel and vote for the dead-idea opposition. This is our chance to present and support candidates who believe in America and want to return to the Founders’ vision of freedom and prosperity, ousting the old hat leftist view of controlling our country’s inevitable demise.

The retiring of 43 representatives assists the conservative goal of replenishing, refurbishing and renewing this nation. It opens the door to send true patriots to serve our country without having to challenge establishment pushovers and not hand government over to worse democrat hacks that continually lie about our future prospects.

And if we can replace the outgoing retirees with good conservative voices and votes, it will follow that a sound economic optimist holding to Constitutional principles can and will take the gavel of Speaker of the House. An influx of fiscal conservatives would change the balance of power of the republican constituency in Washington. It would be a strong force of its own accord and no longer a demonized minority in the party. No more settling for an appeaser, but empowering a fighter who shares our president’s understanding that America is different from all other nations and is a beacon of light in a dark world.

We are being given a golden opportunity to change the composition of Washington, D.C. from a bloated parasite to a patriotic corps of servants seeking to reinstate what America was meant to be – a home for the free and the brave.

There is one requirement. Involvement.

If anyone who is tired of the steady failure of D.C.’s leadership thinks they have already done enough and that they can nap through this midterm election, they are contributing to America’s dissolution. There is no sitting this out…

All hands on deck!


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