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Sanctimonious, dictator-loving jerk: How dare Trump change the sweet deal we gave Iran?

By —— Bio and Archives--October 16, 2017

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John Kerry is a disgusting, vile human being. I just thought I should mention that.

He sold out his fellow Vietnam veterans as the so-called Winter Soldier hearings, accusing them of horrible atrocities while claiming that he himself was some sort of war hero. Throughout his public life, Kerry has consistently embraced the worst anti-American tyrants on Earth, from the Sandinistas in Nicaragua to the Castros in Cuba to the terrorists in the Middle East and the mad mullahs in Iran. If you’re evil and tyrannical, and you hate America, John Kerry is ready to be your best friend.

John Kerry is rancid, #-infested garbage.

Anyway, one of Kerry’s most dispicable acts as Obama’s Secretary of State was to sell out America’s security (as well as that of our friend Israel) and negotiate a nuclear deal that made it easy for Iran to become a nuclear power without requiring anything meaningful of the Iranians in the process. It was a shameless giveaway, and throughout the process Kerry continually protected the Iranians from having to make real concessions while falsely claiming that the deal would require real verification of compliance.

Once the deal was agreed to by Obama - although never ratified as a legally binding treaty - Kerry took to claiming that it would be a terrible affront if America exited or changed the deal in any way because it would be telling the world we don’t keep our word. The absurdity of this argument is hard to overstate, considering that the deal was designed to excuse Iran for not keeping its word, and also because you can’t claim you’re committed to a deal when you don’t even try to get it constitutionally ratified.

So no one should have been surprised when Donald Trump decertified the deal. He always said he would. And no one should be surprised that, even now, Kerry is defending our enemies in Iran and the shameless giveaway he handed them:

Other United States negotiators of the 2015 text had previously considered that Mr. Trump’s approach amounted to a “violation” of the United States’ commitments.

“The approach he is asking the Congress to adopt would constitute a violation of the agreement because it amounts to trying to renegotiate the agreement unilaterally,” said Ben Rhodes, who served as Obama’s National Security Advisor .

“If the United States initiates parliamentary or other action to try to change the terms of the agreement, it is a violation,” he insisted. “Our allies and partners have made it clear that” there should be no violation of the agreement “.

“Anything that goes in the direction of new conditions” added to the agreement will be considered “as a unilateral violation of the agreement itself,” Wendy Sherman, the main US negotiator under the Obama administration, also warned.

According to her, “even if Congress does not reinstate the sanctions”, “the mere fact that the president” has “decided to decertify it plunges the agreement into a sort of perpetual blur”. And it will “weaken” the United States and “isolate” them, she added.

Wendy Sherman and Ben Rhodes were speaking at a conference call organized by the think tank Diplomacy Works created by John Kerry and members of his team to defend the Iranian agreement.

Note that Kerry sends out Rhodes and Sherman to do his talking for him, although Kerry has had his own explosions of outrage of the prospective changing of the deal. Most hilarious here is the suggestion that the United States is violating the deal by refusing to certify that Iran is in compliance - and by making any attempt whatsoever to improve it.


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If you’re handed a deal that was never ratified, and that you know is terrible, you’re damn right you should violate it. More than that, you should walk away from it entirely.

This is nothing more than legacy proteciton for Kerry, which is ironic because the only legacy Kerry left was one of selling out America and its allies for the benefit of terrorist-sponsoring fanatics and despotic communists.

Even before the deal was signed, Kerry vented his rage at Senate Republicans who suggested the deal should be strengthened and that more should be required of Iran. His argument was that he had personally assured the mad mullahs nothing more would be asked of them. Thus, if anything was required apart from what Kerry said, then other countries couldn’t trust America’s word.

How rich is that? One stupid, awful individual makes a completely irresponsible guarantee, and when the country he presumably represents won’t ratifiy these guarantees, he thinks it’s the country - and not him - that’s being irresponsible. Beautiful.

But that’s John Kerry for you. This is the guy Barack Obama spent four years sending around the world to represent our country.

A lot of people look back on the Kerry-Edwards ticket of 2004 and can’t believe how bone-tinglingly awful one of these men was. And rightly so. And Edwards sucks too.

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