Local media cites a source who says at least 8 people were killed in the shooting

School shooter arrested in Santa Fe, Texas; sheriff confirms ‘multiple casualties’

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Texas School Shooting
Update: Local media cites a source who says at least 8 people were killed in the shooting.

We’re very early in the reporting here, and you know how that goes. You need to be careful about what you hear and what you report as fact.

What we know is that the school in question is Santa Fe High School, and that’s Santa Fe, Texas, not New Mexico.


Police say one person has been taken into custody, and they confirm there are injuries. No definitive word on whether there are any deaths or how many – although there is one ominous indication on that front – or whether there are any other shooters – although that is not usually the case in these incidents.

From Houston’s Channel 2:

Injuries have been confirmed in a shooting Friday at Santa Fe High School, and one person has been taken into custody, officials said.

Galveston County Sheriff Henry Trouchesset said authorities have arrested one person and are still trying to determine if there is more than one shooter.

The following statement was released by Santa Fe Independent School District officials:

“This morning an incident occurred at the high school involving an active shooter. The situation is active, but has been contained. There have been confirmed injuries. Details will be released as we receive updated information. Law enforcement will continue to secure the building and initiate all emergency management protocols to release and move students to another location. All other campuses are operating under their regular schedules.

“At this time, students from the high school are being transported by SFISD transportation to the Alamo Gym located at 13306 Highway 6. Parents may reunite with their students at this location.

“The district will continue to keep you updated as information is available. Safety and communication are our top priorities.”

The number and extent of injuries were not immediately clear, but Video from Sky2 showed a white sheet draped over something in front of a door to the school.

There’s no embed code available, but there’s a live as-it-happens report at this link. We’ll update as more information comes in.

UPDATE: Some students are telling local media the saw some of their classmates shot and wounded. Still no confirmation of any deaths. Law enforcement is describing the scene as “under control” but that doesn’t necessarily tell us the disposition of any victims.


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