Doesn't regret going to Viet Nam....

Shocking news: Hanoi Jane says she’s not proud of America, but is proud of ‘the resistance’

By —— Bio and Archives--October 19, 2017

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I don’t suppose it’s a surprise to learn that Jane Fonda is not proud of America. A general disdain for the United States has been one of the hallmarks of her public life.  Despite what she says in this interview, you can be 100% certain that her infamous trip to Viet Nam did change her image forever - but only because it revealed exactly who and what she is.

Considering what we know about her, no one should be shocked when she says she only regrets a small part of that trip, and no one should be surprised to learn that she’s not proud of her country.

You might, however, be shocked to find out that she still hasn’t learned that giving foreign interviews in which she trashes her fellow Americans is not a particularly bright move.

Here’s Hanoi Jane, letting you know that she’s only proud of “The Resistance.”

I get that she doesn’t have much of a career left to damage, but still…  After years of trying to live down this sort of thing, you’d think she’d have realized that no sane person gives a rat’s rear what she thinks. 

Jane Fonda Discusses the Political Climate on BBC’s ‘Hardtalk’

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