In an era where God is dismissed as a children's fable or worse, where Jesus is a mental illness, one should not be surprised that the young are willing to kill; what does it matter? This is where John Lennon's "imagine there's no Heaven" has led us

Shooting Stars

By —— Bio and Archives--February 18, 2018

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Shooting Stars
Whenever some lunatic or liberal (but I repeat myself) goes on a murderous rampage the Left immediately demands we ban guns. Like children nagging their parents for some toy or treat, they scream, kick their feet, and cry with the goal of eventually wearing the parent out and getting their way. And despite the fact that they cannot make a reasonable argument that their demands will do any good, they simply become louder and more desperate, and less wiling to look at actual solutions to the problems of mass shootings. Just like spoiled children they want what they want and refuse to even attempt to think their way through the problem.

Here’s a thought; there are more than [link=Guns In America by the Numbers three hundred million guns in the United States. Liberals want to ban them, or at least to curtail them via “sensible” gun control laws. Well…

There are officially 12 million illegal aliens in the U.S. and the left tells us it is impossible to remove them from our soil, despite the fact that they have legs and can move themselves if given proper incentive. If we can’t get rid of illegal aliens how can we rid America of a much, much larger number of firearms?

Maybe we need to offer a path to citizenship to our guns? Bring them out of the shadows and maybe the Democrats will stop trying to deport them as Barack Obama did with Fast and Furious.

As for “sensible” gun laws to discourage them, it only takes a few weapons to make a mass murder. Oh, and why won’t “sensible” measures like a border wall not work on illegal aliens if they WILL work on guns?

In point of fact it does not take guns at all; poison gas can easily be made, or incendiary devices, and they are in fact more than the equal of firearms, and can be made from easily obtained materials. I would like to point out that Nikolas Cruz wore a gas mask Who is Nikolas Cruz, accused gunman in Florida high school attack? during his attack because he was using smoke grenades to confuse his prey. They were simply tools of convenience for Cruz, but had he been denied firearms he could have used poison gas and his mask would have protected him. He could also have used nasty weapons like thermite grenades or even built his own flame thrower.

I pointed this out at American Thinker a few years ago Gun Control A Failed American Experiment In the same article I explained that America had gun control from the beginning, and it was used as a tool of oppression against people of color. Apparently the modern Left is still stuck on stupid, applying their neo-racism to oppress people of color today who want to protect themselves in areas where left wing promotion of cop killing and hatred of police have driven off their protectors.

Will we have knife control, chemical control, control of matches and lighters and other instruments of fire? If we don’t ban everything we stop nothing.

I can’t help but think many on the Left know this but are salsa dancing on the graves of the dead children at these school shootings to promote something other than what they claim to want. Clearly gun control only has an impact on law abiding people and not on the lawless. Either liberals are extraordinarily childish in their reasoning (many of the rank and file are) and think they can just “make it don’t happen” with so simplistic an answer or they have ulterior motives. Considering that the terrorist educrat William Ayers said they would have to liquidate twenty five million Americans when the Revolution came, I am rather inclined to believe that the inner core believes the latter.

Alternative suggestions to protect school children are met with rage and derision by the Left. I wrote an article back when Adam Lanza attacked the Sandy Hook school, and it was perhaps the recipient of some of the worst rage I’ve encountered in my years of writing. The post at Tea Party Nation is no longer available online, but here Barbarians At The Gates of Sandy Hook is another version. The Tea Party Nation article drew over a thousand comments and got me the middle finger from writers at USA Today, Bill Moyer’s Journal, and all the usual Leftist sites.

So what did I say that was so offensive? I argued that it would be beneficial to ask for volunteers to act as a sort of school neighborhood watch, and suggested that Lanza would never have gotten past the “White Hispanic” George Zimmerman (interesting that the media is calling Nikolas Cruz a “white Hispanic” too.) I also pointed out that the undermining of America’s spiritual and moral underpinnings by liberals was at fault for much of this, something that enrages the Left because it is so true.

And indeed it is self evident. Writing at the American Spectator, George Neumayr hits the nail on the head: Spare Us The Conversation

“Let the Kimmels and Colberts say what they want about those musty old schools, with their “silly” morning prayers, codes of discipline, and starchy moral lessons. At least those schools weren’t scene of mass shootings. The teachers in those days didn’t preach gun control but self-control. Now their successors preach the reverse and wake up to dead colleagues and pupils.

“That liberal vision of gun control without self-control just means a multiplicity of laws an increasingly depraved citizenry won’t obey. The Florida shooter, after all, violated numerous laws. Adding a few more wouldn’t have stopped him.

“Where does the multiplication of laws end? It can only end in the destruction of a free society in which the final solution to crime is to treat everyone, both the virtuous and the vicious, as a criminal. That is why the breezy word “conversation” in this context gives off such an Orwellian chill. What are we supposed to be chatting about? The transformation of our country into a totalitarian prison-state?”

Continued below...

And there you have it. conservatives see freedom as being given the choice to do the right thing and having the self control to do it. The Left believes freedom is the right to do whatever your animal heart desires - with the best and brightest establishing guardrails so ignoramuses don’t hurt themselves. Within the constrictions established by the demigods of the self-willed intelligentsia the person - an animal without real free will but merely a series of genetic and conditioned responses - is free to indulge ze or xe’s desires unhindered. Responsibility and spiritual maturity aren’t part of the deal. It is ultimately a violation of the First Commandment, as all are gods unto themselves with the aid and blessing of the smarter gods. It is the exact same promise Lucifer made to the angels who would rebel with him.

And in the process the multiplication of laws allows for ever tighter control, and aids in the destruction of the enemies of the anarchy of the soul promoted by the Left.

(Hat tip; Fay Voshell)

So, if one is nothing but a meat puppet there is nothing to restrain one’s actions. In fact the more outlandish and extreme they are the better.

There was a man in ancient Greece named Erostratus who burned down the temple of Artemus in the 4th century B.C. solely because he wanted to be famous. The temple had been one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Artemus set the stage for these modern shootings, which is to a good degree celebrity driven; kids these days want to be famous so badly they are ready to commit mass murder (and why not, if you are told you crawled from the slime and are nothing but a mass of involuntary responses) to achieve that end. It should not surprise anyone that in the era of Facebook and Twitter and other social media (where everyone’s a star) we have people willing to do this sort of thing. Go out with a blaze of glory! This was the attitude of the sixties hippies, who wanted to live hard and die young.

And in an era where God is dismissed as a children’s fable or worse, where Jesus is a mental illness ‘The View’ star Joy Behar mocks Mike Pence’s Christian faith: ‘That’s called mental illness’, one should not be surprised that the young are willing to kill large numbers of people; what does it matter? This is where John Lennon’s “imagine there’s no Heaven” has led us.

In an ephemeral universe where you are nothing but an accident of random chance and will disappear into the void when you are gone there is little to cling to, and a kid like Cruz - orphaned, no doubt pushed by Progressive teachers to embrace an ethnic identity that he had not been raised under and thus further undermining his sense of self, seeing the celebrity attached with mass murder and how a Democrat could try to murder In a world where Cruz was told he was a potential rapist, a vile white male dirt bag, he didn’t have a whole lot of reason to follow rules laid down by his liberal masters, masters who had told him there were no rules, only what he believed. Republicans in Congress or how thug gangstas could be lionized for murdering police officers or whatnot it should not surprise us that a disturbed young man would break a number of laws, trespassing in a “gun free zone” to murder innocents. Why not? What does it matter in the long run?

Hey, human beings are nothing but accidents anyway. Ultimately liberals must believe this was the same as a natural disaster.


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