Sidmouth, Devon

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Sidmouth, Devon
On a trip to Sidmouth it becomes apparent that there is a huge amount of bed and breakfast accommodation available.

We experience two quite different offerings at Travelodge, Sampford Peverell Service Area, Sampford Peverell, M5 (Junction 27), near Tiverton and at The Barn and Pinn Cottage, near Sidmouth.

The Travelodge is up to 40 minutes away from the Regency seaside town. Visitors to this hotel know what to expect; the basics: a bed and en-suite accommodation—nothing fancy. There is no restaurant at this particular Travelodge although cereal and juice can be purchased for breakfast for £5.25 per person. There’s also free car parking. We stay in a family room because our son Henry (18 months) is accompanying us and so there is room for his travel cot. But I notice that there is a pull out bed underneath the double bed as well as another bed in the corner of the room, so it would be possible for our family of five to stay, if necessary.

There’s a double bed and en-suite bathroom. The staff are helpful and friendly and even though it is quite close to the motorway it is not even a distant rumble away thanks to good double glazing. Whenever we stay in a Travelodge they are always popular and this is no different, a variety of guests ranging from trades people to business people. The highlight of our stay is the fact that there is actually a bath. Most travellers may not bat an eyelid at this but since moving to our new home which currently only has a shower room, we miss our bath.

The taps have really good pressure too meaning that the bath fills up really quickly. Again, many might think this boring but we have stayed in accommodation where the bath takes forever to fill. For those not fussed about such luxuries the mixer tap also provides a shower option. Little Henry loves splashing about in the bath with mummy while I catch up on a bit of TV and have a snack. Then it’s early to bed for us all because Henry, who is teething, does like to wake up in the middle of the night for a feed. The beds are too hard for our liking but we can understand why they need to be in terms of wear and tear.

Our stay in Sidmouth sees us paddling on the beach and exploring the area by foot. Although Henry likes to walk and always says “yay” as we pass the beach he will sleep in his pushchair in the afternoon if on a quiet walk. It’s tiring.

Sidmouth, Devon

So when a little bit of luxury is promised at The Barn and Pinn Cottage, a couple of miles away from Sidmouth, we jump at the opportunity.

“This is our eighth season,” reveals joint proprietor Kim Clinch, who runs the 15th century bed and breakfast with her husband Peter. There are 10 rooms (six of which are on ground level) available for nine months of the year and it is full most of the time. “Sidmouth Folk Week in August is probably our busiest time,” says Peter. “We have visitors from as far away as Australia and they book up to two years ahead because they like to know what they are doing.”

The historic property, which is well looked after with tasteful décor, sits in two acres. There are gardens as well as ample parking for guests.

We stay in Room 6, which has twin beds and a wet room. These beds provide a comfortable night’s rest. In the morning we enjoy a delicious, unhurried full English Breakfast in the dining room and are refreshed and ready to go on our way.

The Barn and Pinn Cottage

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The Barn and Pinn Cottage
The Barn and Pinn Cottage is a stunning 15th Century thatched cottage.10 ensuite rooms available for bed and breakfast bookings for those looking for accommodation

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