Drunk Driving, Illegal Aliens, Dead Nuns and Democrats

Sisters of Political Futbol

By —— Bio and Archives--August 13, 2010

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(Note to Democrat press secretaries: even the mainstream media will ask embarrassing questions regarding immigration after a drunk illegal runs over a nun.)

Virginia’s Sen. Mark Warner (D–Waffle) successfully dodged commenting on the death of Sister Denise Mosier for almost a week.


But last Friday’s “news” conference to take credit for an agreement to improve record keeping at Arlington National Cemetery was hijacked by an undocumented question when he was asked to share senatorial thoughts on the eminently preventable death. Warner observed, “It’s a tragedy.”

Thanks, senator, we needed that.

Democrat Jim Webb, the senior senator from VA and a man who knows something about avoiding incoming fire, found no time to speak on the issue; while local Cong. Gerry Connelly (D–What Else?) lost no time in ducking the question entirely.

Since Democrats don’t take responsibility for their destructive policies, they avoid the media when illegal immigration is the topic of the day.

The Benedictine Sisters of Virginia, Sister Mosier’s order, are not elected officials, but they’ve attempted to use their moral authority to downplay the illegal alien and instead focus on drunken driving. This is only natural when you recall that Bishop Paul S. Loverde has been playing footsie with the open borders crowd for years. Illegal immigration fills the pews in many parishes and after the Democrats pass an amnesty bill, formerly illegal votes can fill Democrat pews in Congress.

A nifty plan until it runs head–on into reality on Bristow Road at 8:30 Sunday morning. The USA simply has enough drunks of its own without importing new ones from Bolivia.

Whoops. Now I’m a racist. I’ve mentioned a country where Spanish is spoken in connection with illegal immigration. It’s Huey Newton’s Third Law of Political Motion: every reaction in response to an equal and opposite minority group illegal action is automatically racist.

Attempting to address the illegal problem without involving Hispanics is like trying to participate in a Baptism without getting wet. In the fairy tale the guilty boy cries “Wolf.” In America guilty Democrats cry “racism.”

If you look at immigration enforcement as a type of marketing problem, then the target demographic with the greatest potential ranges from Latino to Hispanic.

Assimilated America’s disadvantage is it simply does not have the tribal focus the opposition enjoys. Look at the interest group names. It’s not Eins Volk or Gypsies Without Borders. Instead you have La Raza (The Race) and Mexicans Without Borders.

In practice it appears to be okay with elite opinion if you market check–cashing services, offer wire transfer assistance or leave a few bottles of water in the desert for a Spanish–speaking demographic.

But God help you if you focus on this group for emigration enforcement. 

Since the last final one–time, no more, no way, amnesty in the Reagan Administration (wait, wasn’t he a Republican?) the country has endured a slow motion invasion.

Washington racial frijole counters and the demographic group that composes the vast majority of the illegal crossers immediately claim discrimination when attempts are made to enforce the law. But if the Hispanic community is harboring the lawbreakers, why shouldn’t it bear the brunt of law enforcement? Instead, many feel no sense of obligation to the US. Their philosophy is: leave us alone while we enable the rest of our “family” to sneak across the border.

Frankly, I’ve never understood why the NAACP doesn’t support a crackdown on illegal aliens. Currently the Black population in the US is 13.5 percent and the Hispanic 15 percent. If US law enforcement agencies really are engines of bigotry, harassment and racial profiling — as the NAACP contends — then adding Hispanics to the potential discrimination pool more than doubles the number of potential victims and decreases harassment pressure on the black population.

Law enforcement will really have to scramble to maintain current oppression levels with this increase in the target pool.

Plus the crackdown will also serve to reduce under–priced Hispanic competition for entry–level jobs that Blacks formerly held. It looks like a win — win to me.

But somehow it’s always up to Republicans and rednecks when it comes to worries about the border.

And while were discussing skin color, immigration enforcement — assuming it ever arrives — isn’t going to focus on sight, it’s going to focus on sound. You can be as brown as a betel nut when the cop pulls you over, but if you speak colloquial English the officer will only ask you to press hard as you sign the citation and send you on your way.

But if you can’t understand English, lack a licencia de conducir and have no proof or residency (the dreaded “papers” so feared by Democrats) then you may enjoy a somewhat longer investigative process.

And what’s wrong with that?


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