These six 2018 predictions are neither guaranteed, nor particularly prescient. But the best predictor of past behavior, with people and Krugman's cat, is past behavior. So if any, or all, of these predictions happen, we shouldn't be surprised.

Six Predictions for 2018 America

By —— Bio and Archives--January 1, 2018

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Six Predictions for 2018 America
The continuing divisive and acrimonious political environment in 2018 America will bring no abatement of the decibel level held throughout 2017.  In fact, it’s likely to dial-up.

1.  Midterm Media Madness

As the 2018 midterm elections near, the NeverTrump Media will increase its aggressive resistance to anything President Trump does, says, and tweets.  The “Trump’s in trouble with his base” meme will be “proven” by their polls, testimonies from alleged former supporters, and the blabber of those ubiquitous, talking-head, political “strategists”—from both major parties, although the addition of a Green Party strategist would be a curious anomaly.

The frequency of the NeverTrump Media’s predictions of Trump’s negative impact on Republican House and Senate candidates in 2018 will escalate next summer, into the fall.

With the same assuredness with which they predicted the election of Hillary Clinton in 2016, the Democrat media outlets will—with the codicil that this time it’s different—predict House and Senate Republican candidates endorsed by Trump will lose, as Roy Moore did in Alabama.

2.  Trump’s Tax Cut will be labeled a fraud

By next April 1, Easter Day—or, at the latest, by the start of Ramadan, May 16—the pundits on the left (including a few liberal fellow travelers on FOX like Shep Smith) will have labeled the Tax Cut as just another Trump lie. They’ll document that claim in street interviews with tax payers in Big Blue States shocked to find their tax bill has increased because they can’t write off all of their property and state income taxes.

Keynesian economists, like Paul Krugman, will shout that Trump is expanding the national debt, even though he and other like-minders were silent as the Obama regime doubled-down on the debt, while Krugman said America needed more debt to break out of its flat-growth economy. Paul’s was like the voice that claims the cure to alcoholism is to drink more hard liquor. But then, he has a pet cat so he can’t be all bad.


3. The end of ObamaCare will be called TrumpNoCare

The removal of the individual mandate in ObamaCare, as part of the new Tax Bill, was its coup d’√©¬∑tat.  Nevertheless, ObamaCare will remain hooked up, though comatose, like Spain’s Generalissimo Franco’s was heralded in the Spanish media as still alive, while, in reality, he was at room temperature.

The American progressive left designed ObamaCare as a transition to the Utopian notion—first suggested, presidentially, by Harry Truman—of a “Single Payer” system. But, alas, along came someone unexpected and, poof, up went their Government as Big Doctor plan. For now, anyway.

Ironically, had Obama begun his regime arguing a case to nationalize public K-12 education, he would likely have succeeded.  He spent more campaign time talking about the failure of public education than he did about healthcare. But, healthcare had been Hillary’s battle flag. So he flew it first. And that was, for him, a very big mistake.

The Democrat Party and their media acolytes have no idea where to go at the end of ObamaCare.  So, they’ll just go…louder.

4.  Harveywood will see a big boost to CGI’s

If you have children, or grandchildren, who spend too much time gaming on their “devices,” then you know that a CGI is a computer generate image.

When you look over their shoulders while they manipulate robots killing ugly creatures on another planet, you eventually see CGI’s.  When the game teleports you to the mother ship where the robots are being controlled, you see humans controlling them. The actors aren’t familiar.

You soon realize the actors are not real people. They’re life-like GCI’s, and getting more life-like all the time. It won’t be long before we won’t be able to distinguish CGI’s from real people on the screen.

The most famous motion picture CGI of late was Princess Leia Organa in “Rogue One.”  The face of a once living actress—deceased now for a year—appears in the film. And, with her appearance the audiences gasped, first in surprise—then in delight, for Leia lives on to menace the Empire. 

The CGI of Princess Leah is just the most noteworthy precursor of the future of on-screen talent.  Why pay live actors when CGI software animators can replicate human images, and sound engineers can simulate voices to match, thereby avoiding the cost and emotional baggage that comes with live, human actors. Humans can be a pain, and they’re unionized to boot.

Imagine never-before-seen movies starring John Wayne, Doris Day, Gregory Peck, and Betty Davis. “And this year’s Best Actor Oscar goes to the CGI Designer who brought Humphrey Bogart back to life in the movie…”

Today, it’s impossible for Harvey Anybody to abuse a female CGI—harder even than harassing an adult female sex doll.  It’s the future of film actors, and the male serial predators are making it happen sooner than expected.

The most malevolent anti-Trump media outlets will work hard to associate Trump with the Harveywood predators. It is unlikely to work. Harveywood is Democrat territory. 


Continued below...

5. Brace for the MSM’s Trump Wall Street Bubble Bust

When the Wall Street Casino experiences an inevitable downward adjustment, it will be blamed on Donald Trump.

Like the sun, the Market goes up. And, sun-like, the Market goes down. It’s due a down. When it comes, maybe in 2018, it will, of course, be blamed on Trump.

It may come when/if there’s a serious effort to reduce federal spending. Trump is betting that a tax cut will boost the economy, and, thereby, grow federal revenue to a position where debt reduction can begin, gradually. And hopefully, too, for the ultimate alternative is sovereign debt default.

6.  The next U.N. tepid disaster response will be blamed on Trump

The Huffington Post on December 27, 2017, posted an article entitled “Trump UN Cuts Will Have ‘Marked Effect’ On Health Projects For Women Refugees, Aid Minister Alistair Burt Warns,” wherein HuffPo reported that:

“Donald Trump’s planned cuts to United Nations funding would have a ‘marked effect’ on health and aid programmes {sic, he's British} for women refugees and the world’s poorest people, Britain’s aid minister has warned.  Alistair Burt, Minister for International Development and the Middle East, said he hoped that the White House would resolve its ‘issues’ with the UN because any loss of cash will have a major impact.”

The U.S. is cutting $285 million from its contribution to the U.N. budget where it now provides 22% of the U.N.‘s operating funds.

Puppies will die because of the cuts. Oh, the horror, the horror, that Trump will cause!

At this point, the drama is hypothetical. But wait until there’s a volcano, tsunami, or earthquake somewhere on the planet. Trump will be blamed for the inadequacy of the U.N.‘s response.

These six 2018 predictions are neither guaranteed, nor particularly prescient. But the best predictor of past behavior, with people and Krugman’s cat, is past behavior. So if any, or all, of these predictions happen, we shouldn’t be surprised.

For 2018 follows 2017 in ways more than just on the calendar.

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