Donald Trump Jr.: "For my father impossible is the starting point. That’s how he approaches business projects, that's how he approaches life.”

So, How Close To Impossible Do We Have To Get?

By —— Bio and Archives--April 20, 2018

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So, How Close To Impossible Do We Have To Get?
We have heard the accolades of President Donald Trump’s sons urging the country not to underestimate their father and how he is “a man who has a track record of accomplishing the impossible.”

But, unfortunately, the reality is that these are extremely dangerous times in America, as the dominos begin to fall and the well entrenched deep state moves more aggressively into full panic mode. They have told us daily that President Trump is bad, and that he must be impeached or removed from office by any means necessary, which will obviously be done for-the-good-of-the-country. Or as any loyal Alinsky disciple would say, ‘let the ends justify the means’, just get &#@* Trump out of office, while saying under their breaths ‘before we all go to jail…’


They are not only feeling the daily drip of their dirty laundry coming from the long awaited report by the DOJ/OIG (Inspector General) as it slowly comes out into the light of day; but it is now being reported that the OIG, Michael Horowitz has sent a criminal referral of former FBI Assistant Director Andrew McCabe to US Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

If we are reading the scorecard of who the real players are, our guess is that Andy McCabe is the leadoff batter in Hillary Clinton’s starting lineup. So, why don’t we flip his card over to review his stats:

Let’s see, it says here that as Ass’t FBI Director, Andy ran to New York to confiscate Anthony Weiner’s laptop after it was discovered by the NYPD to contain 650,000 emails belonging to his wife Huma Abedin, which included many related to Bill and Hillary’s shady Clinton Foundation deals, and of course their many jaunts to convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s Caribbean island better known as the Lolita Express. Oh, here’s another stat that tells us how Hillary gave $700,000 to Governor Terry McAuliffe of Virginia, who in turn gave it to Andy’s wife Jill for her unsuccessful state senate run. See how that works. Shhhh Andy, here. Shut up!

Andrew McCabe is one of Hillary’s main gatekeepers, and he more than likely knows everything. And, knowing what he knows, the safest place in the world for former FBI Ass’t Director Andrew McCabe is in the custody of the US Marshal, but certainly he should not go anywhere near the park as Vince Foster realized too late, and/or how dangerous it might be for Andy to be walking around the rough DC neighborhoods, as Seth Rich never came to understand.

Let’s also keep in mind as we near the-end-game of the upcoming mid-term elections in November, that it was April 9th when FBI agents were given a no-knock-order to raid the offices and home (hotel, safety deposit boxes) of Attorney Michael Cohen, President Trump’s long time associate and private legal counsel. And, when reasonable legal minds said, ‘They can’t do that!’ ‘This violates the sacred attorney-client-privilege status.’ Meanwhile, the deep state machine went into a toxic attack mode, led by the hatred of Chuck Schumer, immediately presenting a bill in congress to protect Special Counsel Robert Mueller so that the President could not fire him. The term hatred is used here, but the more correct human emotion they are experiencing is fear.

A question was recently asked of a group of Washington insiders as to the percentage of covert control files that are being kept to document the monies paid, favors rendered, and/or the sins-against-humanity in which they were possibly coerced into committing, that the special interest and globalist moneymen have on every-one-of-our-elected-representatives? And, the response should not surprise anyone, but they are now in near total control of our entire government, with dossiers on upwards of 98% of them, at every level of our government. You matter not, but it is that fear which motives them to hate you.

But, in every battle between good and evil comes the likes of Q-Anon, the cryptic insider who tells us: We have it all. The stage is set for the drop of HRC. The nail is in many coffins. We must work together. Trust Sessions. (And, one of this author’s favorites) We are only as strong as your voice! You must be organized to be heard. This is why they keep you divided, in the dark, weak. We are here to unite and provide the truth. Dark to light. Evil surrounds us. We are fighting for you. Where we go one, we go all. The choice to know will be yours. Connect the dots. There are no coincidences.

Donald Trump, Jr. went on to say, “I know that when people tell my father it can’t be done, that guarantees that he gets it done. I know that when someone tells him that something is impossible, that’s what triggers him into action. When people told him that it was impossible for a boy from Queens to go to Manhattan and take on developers in the big city, rather than give up, he changed the skyline of New York City.

We have seen it time and time again, that look in his eyes when someone say it can’t be done. We saw it when a few years ago when he was told he couldn’t make it in politics. Yes he did. For my father impossible is the starting point. That’s how he approaches business projects, that’s how he approaches life.”

Damn near impossible we all say. And, then that one day will come when we all come to realize that much of this is just background noise to him, as our President Donald J. Trump quietly stays on course to make America great (and safe) again, as he puts an end to the 64-year-old Korean War in the once impossible, but now done, column. 

When he says, “I am with you!” believe him.


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Fredy Lowe served proudly in the United States Marine Corps and the New York City police Department. He has been a citizen journalist for nearly ten years writing for Canada Free Press, Before It’s News, Conservative News & Views, Ammoland, The Post & Mail, and others.

He and his wife Pat, now of 50 years, are the proud parents of two children and six grandchildren. Fredy prays daily for the safety of our President Donald J. Trump, for our Armed Forces, for our Police Officers and especially for our country during this extremely volatile period of time in our nation’s history, and he asked if you would take a minute to pray together with him. Thank you.

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