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Something to Hide

By —— Bio and Archives--May 22, 2018

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Sometihng to Hide
Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” (which is a set of guidelines for radicals and disruptors) is followed religiously by the Left. Liberals make up the Left’s core and to them, the writings of Alinsky is their Bible, possibly the only Bible that some of them know.

These same people call themselves “Organizers” and were advised several times and in various forms by Alinsky to attack their opponents if they, the followers of Alinsky, were attacked.

Taking the fight to their opponents was and is a defense mechanism used by the “Radical Left” (a redundant label) and is intended to distract from the truth and create a new topic as far as possible from the original claim against them. Simply put, it’s an attempt to change the subject. The truer the claim is against them, the more vehement is the counterattack by the Liberals.


What we see today is the Left being accused of many things and by sources that are hard to discredit. These accusations are seen as questionable by them as they take apart the accusations in an attempt to find something/anything that will exonerate them. Part of this attempt is laced with the teachings of Alinsky, one of them being to accuse the Trump supporters of being guilty of what they, the Left has been found doing. Again, it’s something that the Left is famous for: Saying the Right/Conservatives are doing/saying what they, the Left, is doing and saying.

Oh, but there is purpose in this tactic. If Conservatives try to defend themselves from the Left’s counter-accusations, then the Left immediately says they have a lot to hide and the fact that they are trying to defend themselves is proof of it. Another attempt to switch the topic of discussion frequently used by them.

But there is something in this that is very often ignored. Not only can it be turned around and used on the Left, it reveals that their tactics are not exclusive for their use. It can then be used against them once you see how their little game works.

Remember when during the presidential campaign that The Leftoids kept saying that Trump had something to hide by his not revealing his tax returns? Remember how when Donald Trump explained that while his tax papers were under review by the IRS that he would not release them? Trump’s explanation was and is still being ignored by the Left and occasionally they believe it’s a form of “honesty” to keep the topic alive — and for what purpose? Because they are famous for voicing attacks time and time again, even if false.

The greatest fear of people on the Left is to be caught without something to say, without having a comeback. They hate embarrassment when it appears they might have no answer. This was constantly demonstrated by Bill Clinton when he seemed afraid to be caught without something to say. While a questioner’s words were yet dying in his/her teeth, Bill C. was already coming up with his answer. This was his way, it seemed; quick to answer so much that he even over-talked the last words of his questioner. But there is another side to this being afraid to be caught without an answer.

The Left/Liberals fear most being without a reply. They believe the last comment is best remembered by the listener and thought to be similar to “the truth, the whole truth and all the truth.” This is why the Liberal almost always has to have the last word in a “debate” on TV even when “the last word” was given to the Liberal’s counterpart.

To the point, the Left quickly labels a person who refuses to answer as someone who has something to hide. Let’s then pull this Alinsky trick on them, for a change.

Consider the Left’s proclivity to not turn over documents and copies of documents for use in investigations by Congress and the Inspector General. The Left is indicated when those officials refuse, resist and oppose this administration’s legal demands because these people are mostly holdovers from the previous administration. As an aside, the resistance to replace them by this time is also questionable, isn’t it? By their resistance, therefore, they prove to be part of the opposition. If they were appointees of the present administration, there is little doubt that there would be little or no resistance to turning over the documents, etc.

Now here is the Alinsky Twist: Why are those on the Left reluctant to turn over those documents? Are they afraid that the unredacted documents would reveal their mischief and obfuscation would then be immediately seen to be for a self-serving purpose? In other words: What do they have to hide?

Whenever we find redactions and later find they have nothing to do with National Security or “exposing” some process, policy or system, including the names of operatives, what then do they have to hide? We must be careful here, though. Redacting something that proves to be of no consequence, something that does not reveal any secret, can also be recognized later as an Alinsky tactic meant to distract and obfuscate.

Of course, however, Saul Alinsky and his teachings are the sole property of the Left/Liberals — or so they think. Therefore, we dare not try to use the same tactics against them, right?

What will they do if challenged by this view, that they probably have something to hide? They’d simply ignore it, probably. Ignoring the obvious is another tactic used by the left. They strategically ignore things that are a problem to them in hopes/expectations that something will come along to replace this “temporary” problem and people will then be distracted by something new, whatever it is.

The Left is so predictable…

However, it’s time to challenge them whenever they do not release documents, etc., complete and unredacted, by throwing it back in their faces, accusing them with: “What do you have to hide?”


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Mr. Lunsford is a retired DoD telecommunications engineer, linguist and world traveler now living in eastern Kentucky. Still active in radio communications, he has several books copyrighted, one of which is now in final process of publication. He is politically motivated and, as much as possible, politically active.

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